Monday, August 13, 2012

Lucas Martin

tranquil countryside contrasts referendum in South Yorkshire with London-based antics ego. But could come north of the city if the votes of steel Yes to a directly elected mayor?

With five other cities in the north, and six in other places, the people of Sheffield are being given the opportunity to decide if we want an elected mayor. If a majority votes yes, May 3, after a contest for the new position will take place in November.

The campaign has not been widely publicized. Sheffield, I doubt many people even know that the issue is to make a decision. This is tragic. However, once again. policy has been left out in the cold. Is it the fault of an actor or apathetic public policy narcissistic?

The arguments of the campaign have been expressed, among others, in unison with the Union. A mass of semi-professional posters and placards in hand rose and fell in front of City Hall to launch a campaign called The argument of the protesters are mainly focused on the cost of the town hall "Nightmayor." - £ 400,000 according to them. questions as to whether the current system of a firm to change.

The position of the local Labour Party is a number, I spoke with the unanimous opposition leader, Ed Miliband about the issue and said it was for employment experts to decide whether they wanted a copy of the government security municipality.

I was told that his main objection concerns the future management of the city, especially the concern for power is held by a person. They were also concerned that an elected mayor would be in office for four years, with no mechanism in the legislative process to remove them. Take a look at Doncaster, he said on a number of possible consequences.

Meanwhile the campaign was launched with banners Yes universally home. Kevin Meagher, president of the Irish Association of Sheffield and a member of GMB and Unison unions, is one of the team that supported the campaign focuses on Yes to the modernization of urban policy, said it, and hauled out of a system based on the 19 th century.


Conservative Party also supports a Yes vote. The main conservative rhetoric is that an elected mayor to put the power in the hands of the people of Sheffield and a directly elected mayor will be responsible to them. Local members seem to be following the party line on this issue and have had much time to talk. It was the bill introduced by the localism of the coalition government in 2010, which included measures for the 12 cities across the country, the powers that have elected mayors, if voters approved. so discreet campaign to date has produced some strange political bedfellows. Not that we often find that even the conservative side, as some prominent members of unions.

Space is a luxury too many bodies, in addition to the ego of Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone made from a gourd. Although pressed against the wall, I noticed his coat to give Boris Ken to celebrate. The air movement of two seconds solidified the class struggle subversive. Ken looked puzzled and the shield was removed.

The debate was overshadowed by questions of personal tax Boris and Ken. It was fascinating to see how, despite the two men sat side by side, Boris has never once looked at Ken. Jenny Jones, Green Party candidate, told me later that the room was "full of testosterone." The candidates then went to the rooftop terrace of the "studies with the now infamous altercation on the road in the elevator.

Politics is about personality, but we voters need to make sure it is not greater than the issues raised. There was media coverage of issues in London, but again and again Boris and Ken. Original arguments, at times, but always related to these egos.

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