Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dr. Jill Stein

expects that the comedian Roseanne Barr has won the nomination of the Green Party, the creation of a rematch with Mitt Romney

a doctor in Massachusetts who ran against Republican Mitt Romney for governor a decade ago is about to challenge him again as a Green Party candidate for President.

Dr. Jill Stein is not ashamed to admit his candidacy is a super long shot. However, he noted that a growing number of people expressed frustration with the nation's two main political parties. He cited the movement occupy Wall Street as an example.

"People are not related to these parties, and are so unhappy with the political process dominated by money, because you are not satisfied with the products of this process," said Stein, 62, in an interview the day before he was scheduled to accept the party's nomination at its convention on Saturday.

So far, the Green Party has been qualified for the ballot in 21 states, and the party has not yet qualified for the ballot in Maryland, where Congress is held.

The match until August 6 to submit 10,000 signatures in Maryland. Stein said he hopes the game will eventually qualify for at least 40 states.

Stein said the Green Party has qualified for federal funds for the first time in its 11 year history.

"This is another sign that we are in a different historical moment right now - that people are taking paris here very seriously and understand that we, us, we will leave this disorder, we the American people, "said Stein.

Stein was running for office in Massachusetts during the last decade. In his first race against Romney, reached only 3% of the vote.

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