Friday, August 17, 2012

president said that China would be stronger if it is to liberalize the system, "senior diplomats to discuss the options of Chen Guangcheng

Barack Obama expressed support for the blind Chinese dissident amid a confrontation between Beijing and Washington, saying that China would be stronger if it improved its record on human rights.

Obama, during a press conference Monday in Washington, said he would consider the details of the case of Chen Guangcheng, but then to call Beijing to address its human rights record .

"We believe that China will be stronger, because it opens and liberalizes its own system," said the president, in his first comments since Chen fled house arrest for the Protection of U.S. diplomatic. United States. Beijing last week to the end.

He added: "We want China is strong and we want to be prosperous, and we are very pleased with all areas of cooperation we have been able to participate in. But I also believe that this relationship is much stronger and China will be much more prosperous and stronger than you see improvements in human rights. "

A senior U.S. diplomat, Kurt Campbell traveled to China on Sunday before a planned visit to open negotiations with Chinese officials.

Such is the sensitivity of the issue in the United States has refused to comment publicly on the subject. The U.S. has not confirmed, so far, Chen is under their protection or that negotiations with the Chinese will.

The impasse comes at a delicate moment in relations between the U.S. and China, a few days before the deadline, the annual discussions of the economic and strategic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and their Chinese counterparts in Beijing Thursday and Friday. Washington and Beijing confirmed the talks will go ahead as planned.

The U.S. examines options for Chen, ranging from the asylum in the United States to extract a guarantee from the Chinese government that he and his family will be harmed.

Chen friends say he does not want to leave China and settle for a guarantee of protection and an investigation into his abuse by local authorities in the past six years. China analysts that the chances of Beijing approving the latter is a remote possibility.

Zeng, activist and friend, said any move abroad by Chen

would be bitter. "I would be very happy for him and his family, but show that the environment is worse for defenders," Zeng said. "I would be desperate if even the most important activist - someone who has the wisdom and the ability to make changes in China - were forced into exile to protect their safety. "

Chen, a prominent opponent of forced abortion as part of the China policy of the child, escaped from his hometown in Shandong Province, at the end of the week last 19 months of house arrest.

Aware of the criticism of Republicans that he is too soft on China on issues of human rights, Obama defended his record Adminstration. "What I want to emphasize is that whenever we meet with China, the issue of human rights appears. It is our belief that it is the right thing to do."
He added that the U.S. was the belief that improving the human rights situation in China is the country stonger and more prosperous.

Chen presents Obama with a difficult challenge: firstly, it must be regarded as a defender of human rights, but then again, who does not jeopardize the U.S. companies. United States. and other relations with China. Republicans routinely characterized as benign in China, and his Republican rival Mitt Romney for president, Obama on Sunday called Chen to ensure it is protected.

The European Union on Monday urged China to exercise "utmost restraint" in the case of Chen and avoid "harassment of family members or anyone associated with him." Two activists, Hu Jia and Guo Yushan, were released after being taken into custody, but there are concerns that Peirong, who helped him out of his cousin Chen and Chen Kegui

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