Saturday, August 4, 2012

The FBI claims that the five detainees before May Day are terrorists, but friends in Cleveland say they were prompted by reports

As in real life Avengers, the FBI and 23 separate police departments joined forces and came upon a band of villains determined to sow chaos in the suburban dream of the Midwest earlier this month thereof. The FBI has assured the world through the "fast acting together" of law enforcement, which brought together five "self-proclaimed anarchists ... intend to use violence to express their ideological viewpoints "trying to steal a bridge near Cleveland at the time of May

Now the Cleveland Five scruffy punks look more like the evil genius, but surely the fate was averted at the last moment. In fact, the G-Men admit the contrary: "At no time during the public inquiry was increasingly at risk."

So if there was no threat, what really happened? This case was a familiar melody in which the FBI for unwary fish that can be manipulated with informants and agents both brands, ideas, plants, suggests that the plans, provide money, weapons, vehicles and then heroically thwart a terrorist attack on the design of the FBI. Since September 11, dozens of these cases occurred from entrapment of Muslims in America. It seems that the movement of the Wall Street Occupy is now worth the same treatment.

And why not? The first priority of the FBI's fight against terrorism, and has a budget of $ 8 billion to support, which is close to Taiwan's annual military spending. Jump traps of terrorism makes it seem as if it were not for the FBI, the U.S. would fall into the Middle Eastern style chaos. For the informants, the temptation of cash and indulgence for serious offenses. For agents, this means career advancement.

The Cleveland Five - Brandon Baxter, 20, Anthony Haynes, 35, Joshua Stafford, 23, Connor Stevens, 20, and Douglas Wright, 26 - were invited by a penny in Criminal FBI says "I could see" how to end a bridge leading to the bridge, told them to release "would cost the company big wigs a lot of money" with C4 explosives unusable guarantee provided by an undercover agent, then a warned that they are "on hook" for this. The informant also provided them with jobs, money, a place to live, a willing ear, beer, marijuana and prescription stimulant Adderall.

Because the office announced the arrests of May 1 is occupied by the protests took place in about 110 U.S. cities, many observers say were politically motivated. Then, on May 19 and 20, the authorities hit with five men on terrorism charges in protests against NATO in Chicago. Will Potter, who analyzed the plots of entrapment by the FBI in its Green Paper is the new red, says the two incidents are "reflects a continuing trend of the behavior of the FBI to select and political activists have a direct influence on the creation of so-called terrorist plots in order to claim victory in the war against terrorism. "

In the case of Cleveland and Chicago, the FBI is so desperate for the manufacture of terrorists who are now clearing children. In Cleveland, friends and family describe children - everyone calls them - as lost souls who found hope in the squatting movement. Read tolls, 46 years described as "mother's occupation," says: "Some are angry against mental illness and is not alcoholism and violence in their families.".

Before the arrests, the five, with the exception of Doug Wright lived in a brick warehouse in ruins, known as "Fortress", which occupy Cleveland had rented a crash pad. In mid-May, I visited the store on a dead end and was immediately assaulted by Health acres, stale cigarette smoke, dirty dishes, metal rock music, political graffiti cold and rainy young dozing in the heat of noon.

As a hand half-dozen people rolled and smoked cigarettes, asked about the Cleveland Five were able to own. The answer was graffiti spray paint. Zachy last fall said, "we created a group called the Popular Revolutionary Army. We were to be romantic. We were drunk and high .... Doug Connor, Brandon, Joshua and Tony were involved in the RPA. He became a paint spray Guy Fawkes masks, "Rise Up" and "PAR" and "A" circle of anarchist symbols of the city. was a childish absurdity. "

Some were too stupid to smoke bombs. He was one of those childish antics of the FBI, said Doug Wright came up with the initial plot absurd - deploying smoke bombs that coverage, while the bank signs off Bank Tower 947 meters high Key. From there the plot that would have been the use of plastic explosives to bring down a bridge, all with the help of FBI informant sent to infiltrate the movement.

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