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escaped after being hit by a car in Brooklyn, I was not as receptive to laissez-faire arguments Randy Cohen

road just a mile from my apartment to my parents' house in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday afternoon, I attended three cyclists riding in an alarmingly dangerous: a bankrupt me running on that he lit a red light while crossing a street, you went the wrong way on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn's busiest streets, and one forced me to wait to cross the green light because he found a red without even slow, much less stop. While he was inside safely, had decided that New York should begin a more aggressive enforcement of traffic laws to bicycles.

So imagine my surprise when I got home my parents, opened the New York Sunday Times Review, and I saw Randy Cohen, a former New York Times Magazine "ethical", had an article written opinion in favor of such irresponsible behavior. In fact, Cohen did not agree with each of stupid decisions, but the distinctions between those who proudly participates and everyone is pure sophistry. Cohen writes:

"that routinely run red lights, and I know the law, when I'm on my bike. What do you do when you're on foot, at least if you're like most New Yorkers. My dislike the behavior of pedestrians, drivers and even some of my travel companions ...

"But even if it's illegal, I think it's ethical ... I drive through a red light if and only if there are pedestrians in the crosswalk and no car is at the intersection - that is, if it is not to endanger myself or anyone else In other words, I try red lights and stop signs, as signs Performance A major concern of ethics is the effect of our actions on others ... My actions are not hurt anyone That moral reasoning can not influence the police officer wrote me a ticket but it would be the test of Kant's categorical imperative: I think all cyclists could - and should - walk like. I

"I am not anarchist case .. I do most of the traffic laws are not the sidewalk (well, except for the last 25 meters between the sidewalk and cut my house door, then with caution) as salmon - ie turn against traffic "


other claims on several false premises. The first is that only a physical injury to another person is his injury. However, Cohen himself admits, "My behavior angry pedestrians, drivers and even some of my travel companions." Why do not mind hurting someone? If you go around the city, causing inconvenience to its citizens - whether in music loud explosion, disobey traffic laws, littering, or whatever - that

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Suppose the rules of personal Cohen avoid not really hurt anyone. Why do you think he has the right to decide what laws it follows and what does not? Anyone can justify breaking the law in this way. How can Cohen knows that every cyclist who takes his advice will be as careful as it is to make sure no pedestrians are coming?

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