Sunday, August 12, 2012

Avatar director has seen the bottom of the Mariana Trench, but there are still mysterious places left to feed our imagination

only rarely hear me say that John Keats was wrong. At dinner with the poet William Wordsworth and painter Benjamin Haydon, said that Newton destroyed the poetry of the rainbow by reducing it to prismatic colors. In Lamia, wrote:

There was a rainbow once terrible:

know its plot, its texture ...


to clip the wings of an angel

aa unweaving a rainbow.

It was doubly bad, because it was Newton who first saw the colors of the rainbow are the result of the division of white light, and because, knowing that makes the vision of a rainbow after a storm and no less admirable.

There are always compromises. On the one hand, Cameron, no doubt, to take and show abroad 3D creatures that we can imagine, adapted to extreme conditions: the fish, they hunt for their own phosphorescence, or generating probe of the fins. On the other hand, we now know that other creatures do not live there - this is our last chance for hope of Tennyson's Kraken ("to beat the huge Tuesday in his sleep"), or for people more than Lovecraft Cthulhu god waiting in a shroud of tentacles stars to change, and take the time to return to feed everyone.

most of us, however, never thought Cthulhu was down to the real sea - it is a creature that lives in the imagination, deep, deep. Things did not play a real role for us; San Anselmo attempt to prove God's existence with the argument that perfection was to include the real presence in the universe collapses when contemplating the purity of the unicorn. Song of Schubert An die Musik (music) speaks of a better world in which music takes us, a world that exists only when you listen. And what Cameron is in the deep sea to transmute (because he is a true artist, even if I happen to like Avatar) in the art. He saw the wonders that are real and will build on these wonders there in the real world exploration and exploration opportunities to build only to each other constantly

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