Friday, August 17, 2012

television and stage actor talks about his family

My parents had four children quickly

, quickly divorced - when he was two years - and my mother remarried quickly. We suddenly in a different environment, with a different father. He had two son. We were all struggling to survive in a house in the country, where our lives were dominated by horses. My step-father of the poor, Richard, was very orderly. Our horses galloped on the turf, and he saw him with his hands behind his back stamping the earth with Facebook Not going crazy, I know.

My grandmother, Lady Perdita Hylton

, severe depression. I remember once go and see his face in anguish, and she ran to the door of others. Due to the depression of the grandmother, my mother, Alice, had developed an armor. It was difficult to speak of anything vulnerable decision.

We want to visit my father, John

, home of Kew Green, where he was born. I was worried about her. The banks of the Thames had burst and there was a tide line around the kitchen that has never been repainted. I had no idea about the children. Sometimes I take my brother and my vacation, I visited friends Eddy and leave us in the car. When he returned, we burned holes in the seats with the lighter. For many years he traveled and did not seem to join him in restaurants. But since he is old - who is 84 years - was much in our lives and that's fine

When I had my daughter Poppy , who is 24, I was probably aware that there had been no an intimate relationship with my mother. So I tied around me and take it to parties until 3am. I think there's a huge amount of luck in this kind of child you have.

Some people in my family managed
well, some people inherit a lot. But I turned my back on all this. When my father saw Four Weddings, turned to someone and say. "This girl is like my daughter," He got angry against me because people say I've seen on TV and he did not know.


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