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hundreds of order pickers in their villages after losing patience with advice inaction "in the dirty streets

Adrian Ablett was a little nervous about starting his new job. After being fired last year, the 40-year-old is happy to have found work, but is concerned about the effect it might have on his ambition. The self-proclaimed "dog-man" Leicester has kept himself busy in the streets of the city three or four times a week for several hours at a time, picking up trash others as a century Womble 21. "In an ideal world, I would do 24/7," he said. "I really like it and I am in all time."

He specializes in aluminum cans, which is removed from sidewalks, gutters, sidewalks, grass, bushes and parks led to a recycling center. Since the beginning a little less than three years, he has recycled 62,000 boxes. Most were collected by walking for miles on foot, dragging a heavy wheelie bin changed. It has now been upgraded to a bicycle and trailer provided by a bicycle repair shop on site and plans to collect extra energy elbow will reach its goal of 100,000 cans this year.

Ablett is just one of an army of guards trash. Unpaid and undisputed men and ordinary women who are so tired of the junk and clutter that have taken the responsibility to do something about it. Many receive abuse for the inconvenience and others have had problems with municipalities that can sometimes take offense unauthorized cleaning citizens.

"The board hates me," said volunteer litter picker Braines Owen, who lives with his wife and three young children near the pool in Cornwall. "I really do not like a shame, lack of community empowerment that comes from things sometimes nobody listens when you complain if it becomes annoying - .. So roll up your sleeves and go to something else.

"The hardest thing now is that when I fly to clarify a point that I have to pay for it as industrial waste when I take it to the edge of the board. And I do it because it's the right thing to do environmentally. I'm not crazy, I do not think we should waste resources.'m pretty poor, but I'm passionate and I'm instilling good values my children. "

Britain has a massive garbage problem, some 30 million tons were dumped on our streets each year. With dog droppings, litter is the largest number of complaints concerned parliamentarians and local authorities, who spend around ? 500 a year pick. Regular not ugly, is a danger to wildlife and the environment - a plastic grocery bag holders will be another 500 years to decompose

A BBC documentary to be broadcast this week of discussions with some of the hundreds of people who act as watchdogs of the litter. Meanwhile, websites such as spring to reveal the exact number of "collectors" next to the litter community is becoming more popular as Britain keeping tidy is the great campaign Tidy, which aims to bring people a few days a year in their respective areas for garbage collection organized. But many people keep a low profile on her cleaning habits citizenship because of the hostility of others.

In the documentary, a woman from Hampshire who invites people leaving garbage picked up and put in the trash harangues is spoken by a passerby who said he has "no authority" to prevent people and clearly took great offense to his actions.

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But even disagree on what should or should not do. Braines Owen, for example, will not touch dog feces, saying that it is natural and environmental damage is greater in wrapped in a plastic bag then goes to landfills that comes out of decomposition.

This is not the opinion of Ms. Rose flag of North Yorkshire, Jill Hirst. The owner of the dog was so sick of people being covered by the feces of dogs and dogs Glusburn created the Working Group Crosshills fouling. One of their campaigns is to cover the house pink flags in all the shit he has found a good market street near his local primary school.

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