Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Arts Council in the UK where Banksy mural was lost, requests for restitution of works of art as the auction progresses

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owners have agreed to go ahead with the auction of a controversial mural by British artist Banksy street reserved a wall has disappeared under mysterious circumstances in london.

unknown hands enjoyed the artwork, entitled Slave Labor and showing a little boy barefoot by the Union Jack bunting in a sewing machine, a wall Poundland store in Wood Green last week.

Shortly after it appeared in the catalog of the auction of Fine Arts in Miami, where he was listed its estimated price between $ 500,000 and $ 700,000 to Modern Saturday sale contemporary art and street.

An employee of the auction house told the Guardian it would certainly be one of the 116 pieces that go under the hammer, despite protests from Britain.

"Fine Art Auctions Miami has taken all the necessary measures and unfortunately not able to provide all information [More] or the details," said the company, founded by New York, specializes in European art Frederic Thut, in a brief statement.

"would be happy to do so if it can be demonstrated that the work has been unlawfully obtained."

The employee refused to say whether the work was still in Miami, deepening the mystery that is to benefit from the sale of 1.2 mx 1.5 m concrete slab and how he came to be in the hands of a house auction 4500 miles from home in London.

Alan Strickland, Haringey counselor has launched a campaign to stop the sale, wrote to the Council urgently seeking a ban on the export of works of art.

The mural, appeared last May, shortly before the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, it has been said, "a great piece of public art" despite his performance as a condemnation of celebration.

A spokesman said: "We believe that all the arts, whether in a gallery or a museum in everyday urban environment must be seen for what it is unfortunate a work of art which is very expensive street in the local community has been removed for auction. Haringey Council understand that examines how deletion occurred and we are awaiting the outcome of their investigation forward. "

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