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stage and film actor whose work has been in The Bill Shakespeare

The character actor Bernard Horsfall, who died at age 82, appeared on television, film and on stage for over half a century. Tall, imposing and authoritative, has appeared in several of the largest car television and Z series Dr. Finlay Casebook victims and bill, and Doctor Who had at least four functions.

In 1968, he played in The Robber Lemuel Gulliver mind, which was found by Patrick Troughton, the second physician in the Land of fiction. The following year, he returned as a Time Lord in the war games. In 1973, Jon Pertwee layer now travel through time, he played the Thai chef, Taron, on the planet of six parts of the Daleks. And finally, this is another Time Lord, Chancellor Goth in history 1976 The deadly deadly fight against the famous Dr. Tom Baker inside the uterus and holding it under water. This sequence has attracted complaints from activist Mary Whitehouse, and was published on repeated demonstrations.

His film roles include Campbell in the sixth James Bond film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), with George Lazenby and General Edgar Richard Attenborough's Gandhi (1982) with Ben Kingsley . He had a long career, also distinguished stage play Saint Richard Burton Hamlet at the Old Vic in 1953 and King Roger Rees Player for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1984, the first in a series of roles in the company in Stratford- upon-Avon and London in the 1980s.

Horsfall was born in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, and has always said he was a descendant, William the Conqueror 25th. The son of an opera singer, Margaret Horsfall, born and her husband Norton RAF officer, Charles, Bernard grew up in Hindhead, Surrey and Wisborough Green, West Sussex. Always attracted by nature, adventure, he left school early to Rugby visit his favorite uncle, Jack Norton, Canada, and took a logging job. Jack had been a pilot in the First World War, TE Lawrence stole Palestine and had led the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Returning to London, Bernard was trained as an actor at the Webber Douglas Academy and soon representing at Dundee in 1952, at the Old Vic, the former Nottingham Playhouse in 1950 (in a firm that included Graham Crowden, Joan Plowright and Denis Quilley) and the representative of Birmingham with John Harrison, in the late 60s.

met and married actor Jane Jordan Rogers, while acting at the Bristol Old Vic, and made his mark in films like The Steel Bayonet (1957), an adventure of the Second World War with an unknown Michael Caine, and Guy Green, The Silence of Wrath (1960) in which Attenborough played a scab. His television work includes Doctor Who after remarkable performance as Melford Stevenson QC, a docu-drama about Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Britain. Later known as Judge Stevenson was the lawyer who defended Ellis. He had a leading role as a doctor, Philippe Martel, Channel Islands blockbuster war drama, Enemy at the Gates (1978-80).

This period coincided with a move from London to the Isle of Skye, where Horsfall roamed the mountains and became a farmer dedicated production of fruits and vegetables.

His fame wise and generous as an actor led him to become a natural father figure in any company that participated. Gives the role of Jonathan Kent in Dryden Ventidio All For Love at the Almeida in 1991, and experts from large high suicide speech, James Laurenson and Diana Rigg were Antony and Cleopatra. In 1993, the reputation of Birmingham, has been described as "insulting, noble and polite" as Volpone. Her last major film was Braveheart Mel Gibson in 1995 and 1998, played a funny and poignant Sir Patrick Cullen Michael Grandage renaissance of Dr. Shaw at the Almeida Dilemma and a tour of the National Theatre.

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