Saturday, February 16, 2013

is naive to think that the FSA has strengthened the response to such scandals. It was the biggest supporter of processed foods

There are more calls for the powers of the Food Standards Agency to be strengthened to avoid a repeat of the scandal of horsemeat. Work attributed the failure of the FSA is to preempt the problem, or to get a grip on him when he arrived, the Conservatives cut in 2010. These, he says, has left the agency permanently weakened.

first argument is attractive. Strengthen the FSA testing a few others here, tighten labeling, and we can all go back to eating meat products with great taste. But it is naive. The truth is that the FSA established by the work as a watchdog of the nation's food safety after the BSE crisis and other food was unwinnable.


The first boss, John Krebs, set the tone when he came into work, subscribing to the "security" of genetically modified foods and organic foods dismiss as "a whim LED photo ". His successors have taken the intimate relationship he has created with "big meal" (the pharmaceutical and biotech companies, global food brands, supermarket chains) while addressing the food groups of the campaign, and any organization or voice criticism of the current food system, such as epilepsy.

result, a high carrier FSA tireless fighters marked as not better, healthier foods, but also excellent candidates for high-paying jobs in the food industry. An example of this revolving door is Tim Smith, executive director of the agency until last October. Now, in his new role as head of the Technical Group of Tesco, he has his hands full explaining to clients why hamburgers and spaghetti bolognese Tesco were not quite what it seemed.

poorly equipped by temperament or inclination to disturb the interests of the company, the FSA has gently coaxed the food industry in the fight against the worst excesses of getting companies to sign voluntary agreements and promises that sound promising. Once this is done, the FSA has seen his work to minimize the risk posed by the products of these companies.

But if we want to make progress toward better health, healthier food system, this defense must stop processed foods. The FSA, the government and the public health establishment must have the courage to tell the truth if we are safe and wholesome foods that make us fat or for worse, we have to choose raw ingredients and prepare.

The essence of food processing remove natural foods and reinvent a form of value added is more lucrative for its creators. The fiasco of horse meat simply gave an overview of how little police presence, and susceptible to fraud and forgery, made meals and processed meat products into reality. However, today, there are still millions of servings of "convenience" foods in supermarkets that carry a long list of paragraphs unknown ingredients, most of which have been many technological interventions across continents and through a long supply chain indirect.

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