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Far Melee Super Bowl, a city is surprised by new defenses against flooding built by the Corps of Engineers U.S. Army

New Orleans made a spectacular home for most of the time, but it is particularly suitable for large annual celebration of the NFL, which has Roman numerals give serious and attract numbers of hearing records each year. City stadium is called the Superdome, its center a ready-made source of entertainment for more than 100,000 visitors, and nature ensures ease of use that few cities can match rivals.

However, during the last seven years, the Big Easy has been out of the Super Bowl broken by the ravages of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, left a large part of Louisiana and Mississippi, a true desert. They took $ 320 million at the Superdome Super-worthy. Nearly 75 billion should be spent to make the city (almost) new

huge investment has paid off, however, with the arrival of Super Bowl XLVII, a few years after New Orleans XI hosted the game, setting the stage for a week of celebration 47 title fights in the league. Cue excretion local bonhomie, beads, donuts and Bourbon Street excesses as everyone - residents and visitors - party like there's no tomorrow

Except that tomorrow is higher in the minds of people who helped rebuild New Orleans in the NFL, its business partners and stakeholders around the world -. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

And not just tomorrow, but next week, next month, and, more importantly, the next hurricane season. The body was responsible for ensuring the viability of the city in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which aims to make New Orleans is not only able to withstand the effects of reaching the big storm is coming, but also survive The Big One, the epic event "just-in-100-year" time that Katrina might seem like a troublesome wind.

the "barrier" Super

Thus, while the city festival in restoring state possible, work continues in the background to make a $ 14.5 billion "security belt" around New Orleans - officially hurricane damage and storm risk reduction system - which will ensure that the NFL can be considered safe LX, LXX, C and even to the city if it wishes.

This work is in the custody of a dedicated group but largely unknown men and women who will not do much to celebrate this week -. Men like Mike Stack, chief of emergency operations for the body at the end of the week, while the Ravens and 49ers on the latest in an endless round of interviews with hotels and brothers Harbaugh team, coaches Jim and John, gave his press conference of 99 battery led a small group of journalists in rivers, lakes and nearby canals.

Here, about 12 kilometers from the festivities around the Superdome and Bourbon Street is the first line of defense of the climate of a city, 1.8 miles of new state-of-the art-dam - a barrier Great if desired. It took nearly three years to complete, with an investment of $ 1.2 billion, but now the world's longest tidal barrier length is only ready for action.

already been tested -. "No, not tested was more like a test," said Stack - once last August, when Hurricane Isaac landfall about 50 miles to the south, but always brought high winds, heavy rains and nemesis of city, a large storm surge in the Gulf. Isaac was a tiddler on a category and a storm rather than the category five monster that was Katrina, but the increase was less than 3 feet away from the disaster of 2005. The new barrier laughed.

The barrier represents the culmination of seven years of intense research, exchange ideas and work are intended to ensure that the type of failure patchwork of the city's defenses suffered on that fateful day of August night in 2005 and never repeats itself. Stack said:

It dykes and walls behind the main gate, a network of canals and waterways that are vital to evacuate water from the city and stop more coming in. There is also the Mississippi it itself, a major transportation route in the heart of America, it can not be seriously hampered for a long time if the internal exchange economy should not be seriously damaged.

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