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comedian and star of Wreck-It Ralph teenage bedwetters men and defending chicks dressed thugs

Hello Sarah. You've done voiceovers before (1), but not for a production of Disney (2)

my show (3)

was very mature in many ways, but the kids loved it because it was very colorful and the music. I love it when the children come to me. Much scarier than 50 years of age, men - no offense to all men scary 50 years who can read this

What is the scariest thing that you said 50 years?

men is 50 years living with their mothers who have lots of photos to sign. I just thought: "What are you doing with your life?" They sell on eBay. I do not know that you can get a signed copy of my picture, but I can not imagine it being anything more than five dollars. You can work at McDonalds for more.

Is it true that once were hit in the face at Comic-Con?

Yes, I was hit in the face three times. Do not do what I do and have zero consequences. There are risks involved.

Who gave you the hardest hit?

used to distribute pamphlets on the corner of 3rd and MacDougal in New York comedy club for 4 h-02 h. I shared the corner with Pluck U Chicken, who was a young Asian student in a chicken suit. It was adorable. The scariest people in New York are the bridge and tunnel beer drinkers adolescents, and a night that pushed around and get into their midst, not heroism, but not come to mind in a million years a great hurt me. A guy hit me on the place of the temple and knocked me unconscious. It was the first time.

The second time, it was an accident and I think it was my fault. I was filming a fight scene with Ryan Phillippe

(4) and leaned on when it should not have leaned in. He called me immediately my feet, leaving me with a huge egg in my jaw.

But the most memorable was at Comic-Con?

Yes, but it was heartbreaking. There was a line of people taking pictures of me and a guy wearing a helmet as he had left fist. Say he was nervous about meeting me and a little socially inept. I said, "Hello," but I do not think he knew what to do with his feelings and he hit me in the face. When I regained my balance, I saw three giant security guy dragged away and he had this look on his face ruefully. I will never forget that look.

What was the best thing about The Muppets meet?

Kermit is like my personal Jesus. Just love. If you really listen or Rainbow Connection not easy being green, the lyrics are so incredibly deep, heartbreaking and beautiful.

What you remember the 80s?

I remember driving to Boston and see a huge sign that read: "Year of the Woman," and think, "Wow ... a whole year" I had a pair of gray , corsair friend told me obsessed. I want to wear with a pink shirt and had this type of Dutch clogs and I remember saying to my mother one day. "Mom take a picture of me, because this is the dress I'll take my first audition in New York when I grow up. " Do not you realize that things will change.

. My father taught me and I'd swear they were surprised and adults, but they laughed and felt like approval. I became addicted to the feeling.

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