Wednesday, February 6, 2013

United States

below the president's commitment to a 17% reduction by the end of the decade, WRI report says

Barack Obama can not keep its promise to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by 17%, without decisive action yet, the report warned Wednesday.

Emissions of greenhouse


gas fell under Obama, such as power plants burn less coal. But the country has not yet reached its commitment to a 17% reduction by the end of the decade, as reported by the World Resources Institute, said.

The president offered reductions of 17% in the climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009.

But if Obama wants to argue that the commitment and promises climate scanning his speech on the opening day, which will tighten the rules on coal-fired power and the natural gas industry, according to the report.

"The key point for us is that the U.S. is not on track to achieve the target of 17%," said Nicolas Bianco, author of the report.

will be an even greater extent for the United States to meet its target of mid-century. The report says that the United States would not meet the 2050 target to reduce emissions by 80% without congressional action.

But WRI, said Mr. Obama had in his power to put the country on track to meet the 2020 target, tighter rules for environmental protection Agency coal the reduction of methane leaks from natural gas fields, and raise efficiency standards for appliances.

"We are delighted to find tools available to do so without Congress," said White. "Another encouraging sign is that the government seems ready to face the climate of the second period. "

Several environmental organizations have presented action plans for climate, emissions of carbon dioxide mainly aimed at aging plants. Activists have called Obama to block the Keystone XL pipeline project to pump crude from Alberta's oil sands as a sign of their commitment.

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