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Sylvia Plath traveled to New York in June 1953 with the enthusiasm and ambition of an editorial in the magazine invited miss. But he soon returned to his early suffering. She went home a changed person ...

During his studies at Smith College in Massachusetts, Sylvia Plath was submitted assignments


store and the a 20-month long placements in June 1953. She knew winning editorial was an important step towards the realization of its literary aspirations. So far, the success was easy Sylvia had published many short stories and not only won two of Smith's poetry - the price Ethel Olin Corbin prices and Elizabeth Babcock, who scored the $ 120 - but it was also commissioned Interview by Miss Elizabeth Bowen Cambridge. As expected, as he wrote to [his brother] Warren, that the world has not been destroyed by the war before the two can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Implosion - instead of an explosion - was indeed on the horizon. World of Sylvia was almost about to be destroyed, not by a foreign enemy, but by forces much closer to home. May 31, 1953, Sylvia traveled by train from his home in New York Wellesley. At his side trip to Manhattan was co

Miss guest editor Laurie Totten, a student at Syracuse University. "We lived just two blocks from Wellesley and so when I learned that she had won too, we contacted and traveled to New York together," says Laurie. "We have right now, but I have I thought that it was a mixed type -. During this first meeting there was nothing extraordinary "

In Grand Central Station, the two girls - with the help of some soldiers who had enlisted to carry your bags - made their way through what Sylvia describes [in his journal] as a threatening mob. Yellow Taxi played his way through the canyons of glass and steel Manhattan and stopped at Barbizon, a hotel for women at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street.

the morning of his first day in Miss

, dressed in an elegant suit, but as he was about to leave his room suffered a nosebleed, drops of blood splattered clothes, forcing her to change into a brown dress. Barbizon addressed the eight blocks of offices Miss

at 575 Madison Avenue. At 9 am in the conference room of dark green and pink magazine, he met the legendary magazine editor, Betsy Talbot Blackwell - "the force that animates and inspires the magazine forward" - which had state


since 1935. "She just took the girls to New York, where he has stylish clothes, restyled her hair and makeup and then put your photos in their magazine," writes an observer.

According to Edith Raymond Locke, who worked on


as deputy editor of the fashion at the time, Blackwell saw the magazine as something that "young women fed inside and outside" and his first words of welcome to guests this morning June 20 publishers included a call to "health before genius."

In many ways, the New York offers

Miss was like a scene, an artificially constructed world knew Sylvia was a joke. June 10, Sylvia and guest editors colleagues were invited to a party official in the room with terrace St Regis Hotel 55th Street and Fifth Avenue. On the surface, everything was quite lovely - the restaurant, with its ceiling painted with the colors of the sky at sunset, Sylvia enjoyed the music of two alternating stripes. As each course of the meal - shrimp, chicken, salad and perfect - was taken was taken to the dance floor and with a daiquiri in hand, we could see from the roof terrace bright Manhattan. However, there was something not quite at night. To start with, all men, although minor, beautiful, had been hired for the occasion by the magazine. As she turned to writing in The Bell Jar , from an outside perspective to bear witness that was the best time of your life. Was not this the perfect example of the American dream? For 19 years, a girl of humble origin lived in any village, won a scholarship to study in college and "New York run ends as his private car."

The truth is more complex. As Plath speaks of his fictional character, Esther [in

The Bell Jar ], it was not able to answer anything, let alone her same. I knew I should be excited about this month in New York, but there was something wrong with their reactions. She felt empty and lifeless and compared with the calm center of a tornado, "weakly moving along the middle of the hubbub surrounding" he wrote.

Sylvia said she loved New York, however, more time spent in the city realized that she had led a relatively sheltered. In a letter to his brother, whose graduation from Exeter in mid-June was unable to attend due to lack of funds, against his life relatively simple and Smith to the high intensity of the intensity Manhattan, populated by people who seemed, paraphrase DH Lawrence Women in Love

as "dead guts light in the tree of life."

In the same letter, Sylvia said that in the course of a few weeks, he had witnessed the world opened before his eyes and he ha [d] "spilled his guts like a watermelon cracked." The image is rooted in a physical purge Sylvia lived after ptomaine poisoning who had contracted June 16, at a luncheon in an advertising agency.

Sylvia described her stay in New York, a deadly mix of "pain, parties, work," and it is interesting to speculate on the meaning and origin of their suffering. We know that it has endured extreme discomfort - plus food poisoning himself, the treatment consisted of injections with needles - and I found the city in June and oppressive heat saps energy. Agony it wrote this diary could refer to the anguish he felt facing a city found alienating and too modern for his sensitive soul. In a letter to her brother, she describes a day in Manhattan when he missed in the subway, where he saw a number of beggars, disabled men with amputated limbs, holding cups for small change. He remembered what he had seen at the Central Park Zoo and postulates that only thing that distinguished men of beasts was the fact that there were bars on the windows of the cages.

When she tried to think of everything he had seen and experienced, felt his spirit splits. In the same letter to Warren, who has also compared the train that would take her home in New York to Wellesley in a coffin, and, although in a spirit of black humor running through the lines, there is no doubt that, the end of June Sylvia, he was severely disrupted.

What had lived to make him feel so uncomfortable? On June 20, in a country dance club in Forest Hills, met a Peruvian man, Jose Antonio The Vias, which he described in his diary as "cruel". It does not grow on this point, nor does it detail how his cruelty was manifested. All that we know from entries made in a short calendar 1953 - which was idyllic scenes of cities and landscapes of Austria - is that Sylvia returned to her apartment on the East Side. What happened there probably never know, but if we take

The Bell Jar

as our guide Sylvia looks as if it may have been the victim of rape or.

return "Babylon" as one of his teachers described Smith New York, Sylvia was greeted by his family at the station. Her mother explained that the research "tired" and "severe" and, therefore, Aurelia was afraid to tell her daughter the news she said she had arrived that morning - that Sylvia had not Frank O'Connor was accepted tales class summer school at Harvard.

During the first days of July, is still debated whether she should go to Harvard and get another object, such as psychology or elementary course O'Connor 20th century novel. Their main concern was money, because he believes that the experience would cost about $ 250. In his diary, he wrote again to the fact that it came from a wealthy family and how she had few resources to cover the expenses of the following year. It is also concerned that, if he did go to Harvard to take another course - and, in fact, nothing is gained during the summer - would reduce your chances of getting a scholarship to a good Smith during his back in September. It was decided that instead of going to Harvard, she read Joyce, he considered writing her thesis, and try to write to

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