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just said bookmakers campaign is ? 1.4 billion a year of high-speed machines, high-stakes

For a man whose fortune was made in poker games and casinos, Derek Webb admits that it was her behind when it comes to developing an awareness of the social cost of A billionaire Thurs Derby, who now lives most of the time in an apartment in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, 60, earned his living for 25 years, the exploitation of the weaker players through the green carpet of a poker table.

But over the past five years, Webb has invested money in a low-level war with bookmakers in Britain, accusing them of undermining the right to flood the main streets in high speed machinery high-stakes game. These ratings say paris fixed terminals (FOBT), said Webb, have bet ? 40 billion paris on the country in the year to March 2012.

In an interview with The Guardian, Webb said he came across the machines in 2007 when he met a load with a game - Three Card Poker - he had invented. "The point of three card poker is that it is easy to play ... I was designed to be more fair to the players, but on machines that are played four or five times faster and the rules were changed so that less favorable ... I was upset about it. Rather than continue I supported a campaign to make my point, "said Webb.


this chance encounter led campaign game nonprofit fair Webb, who on Monday revealed that the machines are worth ? 1.4 billion a year in revenue for the industry game - and boasts more than 250 million pounds of this comes from problem gamblers. While he still has business interests at stake, the campaign focuses on games that are stacked against the player who, according to him, are increasingly targeted at vulnerable people in the poorest areas of countries.

machines offer QuickFire casino game allows players to € 100 in 20 seconds a lap wheel. Players can play with money or pay by credit card or debit card on the counter. "The crack of the game", critics call it. Webb said his "eyes open" when a parent has been devastated by "game". In a first time, said issues playing field should be reduced to about 2 pounds.

cards Webb learned at the knees of his grandfather. A child in the 1960s dabbled in politics, attending meetings with the Communists, marching with CND from Hull to Liverpool and has a "hippie moment." He has given a place at the University of Bristol concentrate on poker and ended up traveling the world, living jet-set and play for $ 50,000 pots.

was a collapse in mid-1990 that convinced him he needed a new career -. And ended up inventing casino games


Webb drew a furious reaction from bookmakers, who accuse him of trafficking "misleading and unverified" and statistics are shocked by the allegations of the industry has deliberately targeted the poorest with rising unemployment and poverty. "the poorest regions have a dense population, so we have more stores," said a spokesman for the Association of British bookmakers. Webb said the ABB "has yet commercial interests in the field of casino games and casino sector could benefit from playing the game fairer proposals. "
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