Thursday, February 14, 2013

The secret funding network distributed $ 118 million to 102 groups, including some of the best known think tanks on the right

The secret funding channel known as the confidence of donors sponsored a series of conservative causes.

But the time was at the top of the list. In 2010, donor Trust had distributed $ 118 million to 102 focus groups or action groups that have a history of denying the existence of a human factor in climate change, or against environmental regulations.


included some of the most famous tank on the right think. The American Enterprise Institute, which is closely linked to the creation of the Republican Party and has a large team of specialists, has received more than $ 17 million in donations over the years not found, the recording program.

But relatively obscure organizations not overlooked. The Heartland Institute, virtually unknown outside the small world of climate policy, has received $ 13.5 million of donor confidence.

Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party group considered the clout of the conservative oil billionaire Koch brothers, has received $ 11 million since 2002.

Levi Russell, spokesman for Americans for Prosperity, declined to comment on the importance of supporting the organization. "We are grateful for all the world millions of activists and donors who make possible what we do," he said in an email.

Some of these groups in the list of donor confidence struggled to exist without being funded by anonymous donors.

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