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But with a fifth of owners negative equity, first time buyers and expelled the U.S. housing market still need help to get back on feet

Champions Gate

is about 12 minutes drive from Disney World in Orlando, off Interstate 4. Its 900 acres are currently building a site that will soon be covered by 3,200 new homes. Plain green grass now covers a golf course abandoned half-built when the housing bubble burst in 2007. The good times seem to be back.


Similar emerge across the state. Construction is rebounding, builders celebrate the return of truck sales and house prices are rising. The United States finally seems to emerge from the worst accident hotel memory. Then the problems are still sketchy, but here in Florida, the sun shines again.

Mark Shore, who works for a real estate agency in Orlando, Florida Horizons has experienced the rise and fall of. He came to the United States from Britain in 2003 to work as a mortgage broker. While the real estate market was, he said, people, including himself, were "swept".

"this kind of thinking that is too good to be true, and it was, but everyone was so absorbed by it," he said. "Everybody did. Funding was easy. People just signed a piece of paper. Manufacturers lined up at the door when they opened new developments. "

When the bust came in 2007, funding dried overnight. House prices collapsed. A four bedroom, three bath home that was $ 350,000 in 2006 to only $ 170,000 for 2009 - if you could find a buyer. Lower in the scale of housing, life became even more difficult. Coast had their fingers burned as his business crumbled and collapsed the value of their real estate investments.

Today, buyers are back and back to business along the shore, now home sales, not loans. But life is very different. He used to specialize in sales to British buyers, but they were moved by the force of the dollar and the economic slowdown in the United Kingdom. Brazilians are now its largest customers. "By a mile - I intend to learn Portuguese," said

It is the same story in Paradise Palms Resort near where the sales consultant Craig McCaskill said that 30% of customers used to be British, but it is now closer to 5%. Brazilian, Canadian, Norwegian and Chinese as the growing number of buyers, followed by the United States of suncatcher cold northern states.

Not only the nationality of the buyer is changing. Cote said that two-thirds of its customers are cash buyers. It seems there is no shortage of people with $ 200,000 in cash, rather than leaving a second home in the sun that can be rented for extra income. "We can not build fast enough," said McCaskill.

segment can not only illustrate the real estate market as large and diverse as the. Us, but the revival of cottage Florida market is one of the brightest points repossession of housing prices in the United States United States rose in six of the last seven months, but 20% of owners are still "under water "- in negative equity. Prices are still low, as interest rates, however, few Americans have money or credit back on the market.

"The mortgage market in 2013 is the same as in 2011 or 2012," says Guy Cecala, publisher of magazine

Inside Mortgage Finance

. "The rates are low, the subscription is low and a large number of people who are not eligible for loans. That has not changed. "

estimated one-third of all home purchases are now made in cash, much less than in Florida, but more than 5-10% could be expected in a "normal" . The recovery is driven by investors and by the current owners to trade up, said Cecala. "This is a sign of a healthy market when you see the owners driving new sales force, but it will not create new owners or absorb more supply."

As in the UK, first time buyers are facing major problems. Those who can not obtain credit are competing with investors who can pay cash. In addition, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the government agency that guarantees home loans tightened their criteria. The FHA was created in the New Deal in 1934 to encourage greater home ownership after the Great Depression. Burned by the real estate crash, implemented strict new rules push "time more first time buyers on the market," says Cecala.

This month marks the first anniversary of the national mortgage solution (DDN), an agreement of 25 billion dollars with lenders is to punish them for the worst excesses of the boom and help owners trapped in negative equity.

Brian Kettenring
manages the campaign for a just solution, which puts pressure on the U.S. government to relieve the owner. He said that the most affected are still suffering and there is a "lack of transparency" on how the funds for the poor was spent with minority individuals treated unfairly. He waits, when President Barack Obama gave his first State of the Union speech of his reelection.

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