Wednesday, February 6, 2013

plans approved by a vote in Strasbourg to restore fish stocks and restore profitability for the fishing communities

MPs supported the reform plan the largest in the history of European fisheries policy -. Promising to restore fish populations after years of failed conservation measures and return profitability of fishing communities

measures approved by a vote in Strasbourg include a ban in three years, the current practice of discarding dead fish in the sea - a consequence of the common fisheries policy today (PCP) limit the size of landed in a complex system of quotas.

Today's agreement also provides greater control over the management of the CFP to regional fisheries organizations -. Although some British politicians have demanded nothing less than the dismantling of the PCP completely and the "repatriation" of the fisheries policy

But no final agreement is until late -. A three-way handshake involving parliamentarians, ministers of EU fisheries and the European Commission

But the fact that the European Parliament now has "co-decision" powers in the field of fisheries policy means more power to MPs and the Commission's actions have on the table.

ministers of EU fisheries have been accused for years of ignoring the science on the need for reduced fishing to provide long-term recovery of values. Priority of national governments, critics complain, was to obtain larger missions taken, regardless of conservation.

Greenpeace welcomed the commitment to a target of 2015 for stocks still "sustainable" levels, and promotion of fishing methods on a small scale, low impact and ban on discards .

oceans campaigner Willie Mackenzie of Greenpeace said: "This vote marks a turning point in the battle to save Europe's seas overfishing and protect the livelihood of coastal fishermen, but if the Britain benefits of this reform is that it is much more than we do at home. Unless we change the way fishing quotas are assigned, the future of the United Kingdom will remain hostage to the interests of the major fishing claiming benefits in the short term, while creating long-term damage.
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