Sunday, September 16, 2012

Since 1980, the middle class has not contributed to American prosperity. They will vote in favor of raising taxes on those earning more than $ 250,000

writing my book, it is the middle class, Stupid, with James Carville, for one simple reason: no. James and I have spent our lives focused on getting people who work for a fair day's hard work. We the middle class at the center of the world, because you can have an America without a middle class.

In America, the "middle class" is not what it is in Britain. These are the words we use to describe people who are not poor and not rich - the British people Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, called "squeezed middle". For much of American history since the Second World War, prosperous middle class that America has prospered. But as we approach 1980, the country has changed and never returned. 20% were on their way to increase beyond 1%, but median home - the heart of the middle class - the good times are gone.

Today, if you are a low income family - 20% - those earning less today than they did in 1973. If you're in the middle, they are just a little early, but I have not seen any increase in real income since the beginning of the century. When all is said and done, you are only 10% over the last 30 years, while a fifth of the population is 50%. Economic difficulties pressed middle were exacerbated by the financial crisis, but not caused by it.

which is having a profound impact on our political life. First identified the "Reagan Democrats" in the 1980s, based on the work of Macomb County, Michigan, the concerns raised by mostly white, middle class, undecided voters were ready for the race. They felt that their struggles are the result of government promoting races on them. now in a more diversified, the race course, remains a problem, but not the main concern of voters undecided. Inquire about the roots of their economic struggles of today and point to others like them, but in a color, another item on the elite - Wall Street and Washington. Blamed for rising prices, lack of jobs, government deficits. Warren Buffet summed up the situation:

today has changed. When I was at the Democratic convention in Charlotte last week, I was delighted to be one of the thousands of delegates held placards that read "middle class."

topics "middle class", "spin", "working families" or whatever you call them, are more voters across the world. Response to this attack n is not a short-term stimulus or austerity, but the importance of this debate. Voters know that the fundamental problems that arise are deep, before the crisis started and take the time to turn . they are looking for a policy that is honest about the challenges. Fiscal policy, globalization, demographic change, the difficulty of the government reform
want a policy that is not dodge these challenges, but gives them a concrete way forward, so they can return to see the path to prosperity for their families and themselves .

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