Saturday, September 15, 2012

The promise of novel Mr. Cameron married traditional conservative economics with a liberal, progressive

Prime Minister precious few formal powers under a Constitution which confers on the executive secretaries of state individual. The great exception, and an effective source of great power, Downing Street, is the prerogative to hire and fire the various secretaries and their subordinates. Reorganization is closest we come to a moment of pure main ministerial power. And, in the words of Lyndon Johnson biographer Robert Caro, power always revealed.

remodeling David Cameron should be doubly revealing, because it has reached the top by pouring over old baggage Tory detailing what he believed. And together. Especially since he has cleverly refused to be panicked into premature revisions before today after the return of the opposition, the novelty of the coalition and Prime Minister apprentice, finally here was an opportunity to really Cameron foot control - either as a child of Thatcher, or rather the man of conservative reformist tradition that dates back to Macmillan Disraeli and Peel.

But power, like a mirage, appears elsewhere when you approach. Prime Minister Iain Duncan Smith planned forced to leave welfare, but could not find the voice to give the man his calm orders. It can be moved and broken rewritten George Osborne's economic policy, but did not feel able to turn a close friend, with whom he shares a hopelessly pessimistic vision of the limits imposed by debt. Risky as a movement in the Treasury was, was that our recent renovation Guardian / ICM poll suggests that voters are really interested.

Wait illiberal

The second signal was sent raw political power when Justine Greening transport was diverted after a few months, in a move which - as Boris Johnson said roughly - is purely to reopen the the expansion of Heathrow. Ms Greening was - as the epitome of modernization of old Mr. Cameron - fiercely opposed. Many other changes are less direct reading with specific policies, but a big impact on what we call flavor Cameroon. The new environment secretary, Owen Paterson, is fiercely pro-shale gas, and apparently anti-fox climate pastry. Mr. Paterson promotions come Grayling and although both have, on several occasions, was dismissive of the agenda of gay rights. There is a net reduction in the representation of women around the table, which also leaves more white before expulsion from the party co-chairman Sayeeda Warsi.

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