Wednesday, September 19, 2012

use of police officers up and down the order to arrest hundreds of activists at the entrance of the land belonging to Rothamsted Research

Police kept hundreds of demonstrators away in their attempt to destroy a wheat field where GM is currently being tested in Hertfordshire.

mounted officers allowed the militants to stop in front of the entrance to the property belonging to the Rothamsted Research Institute, which is evidence that the transgenic wheat has been enhanced to fight against aphid infestation.

Sunday event, which drew hundreds of protesters, including farmers, politicians and activists in the UK and abroad has prompted the City to obtain an order for the criminalization illegal entry the country.

Hertfordshire police distributed leaflets warning that the station St Albans Harpenden council banned "Meeting trespassory" under section 14A of the Public Order Act as anti-GMO activists gathered in a park side of the property.

Harrap Lucy, 36, who helped organize the event Take Back Flour, said there was a "base of support" for action to the general public in the United Kingdom.


widespread use of GM to eliminate consumer choice.

"If this continues marketing wheat, it would be cross-contamination and no longer have the choice of GM or non-GM. When this happens, it will not select the tab from Rothamsted up -. farmers will be in this country "

The presence of the police and the notice of the public seems to have discouraged activists tear cultures, one of the objectives of the event site.

Protesters said police and judicial response
said a crackdown such. Harrap said militants in a situation different from that observed 10 years ago. "The companies behind biotechnology were not prepared for what happened 10 years ago. They were not prepared for the total rejection by the British public. They are not ready now, and what we see is the result of that. Let View the status of protected sites as completely as do Rothamsted Research and is the fine tip of the iceberg. "

Before the event, scientists have tried to persuade the demonstrators to desist from their actions, saying in a video posted on YouTube that have been funded by the researchers.
Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society, said yesterday: "Scientific discoveries can be unsettling and its application in the interest of the company to implement complicated why we must be informed public debate on these issues., free publicity and fear. We do science experiments to determine whether GMOs are safe and if they deliver genuine public interest. If you are unable to score each, they must be set aside. Therefore, Rothamsted test should be allowed to go ahead. "

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