Monday, September 17, 2012

Send your questions to our panel of environmental experts

universities may have good intentions -. But in practice, be respectful of the environment is not always a priority

After launching next week for people and Planet Green League - which ranks universities to show how they manage their impact on the environment -. We will hold a live Q & A with sustainability experts and students

Join us from 1-4pm Tuesday to discuss how universities can meet their carbon emissions -. And how students can benefit from green policies

we consider the environmental impact of a university before applying for a title? Perhaps his own university has implemented a plan for success. Share your thoughts and questions in advance by posting in the comments section below.

Our panel:

Debby cotton

is responsible for the development of education and educational research at the University of Plymouth.

Gill Coleman

is co-director of corporate sustainability and responsibility Ashridge Business School.

Dr. Chris Seeley

Find best price for : --Brookes----Oxford----Business----Ashridge--


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