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butterfly capture extraordinary journey through the 2000 mile North America, Mexico is the favorite to be the next hit film about nature

The extraordinary 2,000 mile journey made by millions of butterflies each fall from Canada through the U.S. to Mexico is revealed in detail for the first time in several film million in 3D. Hair insects, scales and body movement in flight can be seen with clarity that scientists moved to a preview of tears. filming the monarch migration took five years and was made possible by the development of new technologies. British director Mike Slee, use the pioneering 3D "air intake system" that can shoot 3D insects "like nobody before."

Micro CT and MRI for medical purposes have also been adapted to see inside a chrysalis, which shows a caterpillar into a butterfly transformation within two weeks.


flight 3D Butterflies

- which will premiere tomorrow's world - could this documentary for butterflies

March of the Penguins

done for penguins. Kings have wings and orange with black stripes and spots distinct, but the technology is so detailed that each individual butterfly.

scales and styles of wings "punk" hair some heads stand out. Similarly hundreds of tiny breathing tubes of the air in the power of nymph "as shredded wheat," said Slee. "Nobody has ever seen in 3D in a chrysalis you change caterpillar into a butterfly. '

He added: "You see a caterpillar into a butterfly metamorphosis, one of the most extraordinary nature still I can not believe it when I see it ... It's like when I took you and ultrasound. could see a baby in the womb. "

butterfly Almost the entire film is shot in slow motion -. 120 frames per second instead of 24

will premiere tomorrow at the Smithsonian in Washington, one of the most respected institutions in Education with a statement of British cinema to follow. Scientists have been overwhelmed by the images of a preview.

One, Chip Taylor, said: "The film is truly remarkable ...... I was amazed at the overwhelming emotional response that reveals the secrets scientists have had butterfly - the same panel of eminent scientific advisers had wet eyes when the lights came on. "

Slee has made a name as a director of natural history programs and directed the movie


! 3D

about two insects in the jungle, narrated by Dame Judi Dench: "But


success "ask cinemas and foundations to support this new production, a collaboration between Britain, Canada and Mexico continues the search for a man, the late zoologist Fred Urquhart, to discover the secret of the annual migration butterfly. After 40 years, Urquhart found hiding in remote areas of central Mexico where they spend the winter before returning north.

The sovereign has multiple antennas and uses tactile sensory receptors in the head, legs and feet to help navigate and migrate over long distances.
Their migration involves flying 25 to 30 miles per day, although some marked individual monarchs have covered hundreds of miles in a few days. Capture free use high altitude winds and the storage of fat reserves after his arrival, rest for months on the tops of mountains, the conifers.

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