Sunday, September 16, 2012

Prime Minister has changed his government firmly right in a major reorganization of the government that left Nick Clegg weakened

David Cameron

gravity changed policy decisively to the right in a major reorganization of the government that left Nick Clegg weakened and raised the possibility of a new series of disputes to the coalition by the crime, the environment and accessible environment for trade policy.

In the only serious setback for Cameron and his closest ally, George Osborne, Iain Duncan Smith has insisted on staying in the work and pensions secretary, which increases the chances of a battle that Treasury requires a second round of cuts next year major in the program deficit under control.

hand information Treasury invited Duncan Smith Monday night to reject the offer to succeed Kenneth Clarke as Justice Secretary.

Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister difficult, however, has been given the role and use of the portfolio to challenge European judicial interference in the decisions of the British government.

A leading Conservative minister, said. "Overall, it is a severe shock to the right"

Downing Street Project reorganization same, the only government planned major overhaul before the election of 2015 as an attempt to promote the transport ministers capable of policies already announced. When a delivery commitment control, Cameron was appointed CEO of LOCOG Paul Deighton, as Minister of Finance, on the basis of the lords of infrastructure delivery.


No. 10 says that the reorganization does not mean a change in policy of the coalition, a number of quotes otherwise. Gradient Cameron Andrew Lansley Health Secretary, after the debacle of health reforms in the past year, but surprised many by calling Jeremy Hunt to fill the portfolio.

Hunt has been the subject of repeated attacks work on its role in the takeover of BSkyB News Corporation tried, but Cameron is their ability to focus on a clear political message. His first task will be to sell and modify legacy Lansley, aided by Grant Shapps, the Conservative talker new president.

The withdrawal of Justine Greening as Transport Secretary, a fierce opponent of a third runway at Heathrow, and replaced by former chief whip Patrick McLoughlin also paves the way for a change of government in aviation expansion, although probably a committee of all parties on aviation policy.

In a blunt assessment standards even Boris Johnson, Mayor of London reported transfer Greening International Development madness. He issued a statement welcoming green bulbs "class first transport secretary."

piracy row deletes an open wound in the sun, telegraph and mail, even if it remains as minister without portfolio for free advice on economic policy. Osborne is a movement to do with feelings. Clarke, who declined an offer to become the leader of the House of Commons, said he will sit on the key cabinet sub-committee on the economy and the National Security Council.

A former Minister of Labour, said: "This reorganization is both Plan A - Osborne remains as chancellor - and Plan B - Ken Clarke as Vice-Chancellor."

In practice, Clarke was a deficit hawk, and Tory policies will be driven by growth in business Michael Fallon, Mark Prisk Nicholas Boles on planning and housing. But the Conservatives said Osborne had extended their control over Whitehall in each area. The largest decline was the refusal Duncan Smith to leave the labor market and pensions secretary, where he was involved in a series of battles with his social reforms.
Rector Duncan Smith wanted to move because he led a public battle to resist Osborne provides additional £ 10 billion of cuts in 2016. Success Duncan Smith raises the possibility of a renewal of its alliance with Nick Clegg, who provided vital support through funding their social reforms. The Deputy Prime Minister told the Guardian last week that he would accept some additional social cuts in exchange for a tax on capital.

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