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Pioneer has had a profound impact on education, research and practice

John McFarlane, McFarlane of Llandaff Lady, who died at age 86, was one of the great pioneers of the nursing profession. His work in what was called the nursing process is now an integral part of every nursing program and practice of each nurse. In 1974, he was appointed the first Professor of England Nursing at the University of Manchester, where he developed a career and settled in the former ward teacher. He was also responsible for the first research program in nursing in England (the study of nursing), and was a mentor to many who have become leaders in nursing for the next generation.

Although most of his career was spent in England, John was born in Cardiff, the youngest of five children, and his pride in his Welsh roots are reflected in the way that took when he was made a life pairs in 1979. She went to school in Howell, Llandaff, and after the initial training nurse at Saint Bartholomew's Hospital in London, he returned to Wales to train and then work as a health visitor in Cardiff. Perspectives on medical care provided by its six years of experience in health care nursing degree strongly influenced visit was later established in Manchester - a four-year program prepares nurses who work in hospitals or in the community, district nurses, health visitors or.

In early 1960, when John qualified as a nurse tutor, and took the position of head of education at the Royal College of Nursing in London, the idea that nurses could benefit from a college education and even perform research was met with disbelief, both inside and outside the profession. In the MRC became one of a small group of teachers who formed the Association courses and integrated programs graduate nursing and began to try to overcome these prejudices. The lack of nursing programs colleges, Jean graduated in Sociology at Bedford College, London and a Masters in Labour Studies at Birkbeck College.

In 1969, Jean gave the project to become the Director of Education NCR, while the perceived position of leadership in nursing education in the United Kingdom. However, following an internal reorganization, resigned - and immediately broke out at the University of Manchester. He remained there as a professor of nursing and service until his retirement in 1988. She was able not only to introduce some of the most exciting developments in nursing - the first degree in nursing, nursing faculty first unit, the first appointments for nurses between a university and a hospital The development of the theory of "big" in nursing, the implementation of a systematic approach to problem solving called "nursing process" -., but also act as a support and mentor to many those who were still fighting in a hostile environment

Jean My personal debt is immense. I was a young student nurse rebellious and arrogant, and she took me under his wing and patiently listened to my sometimes wild ideas, these ideas have supported me when I'm in trouble and encouraged me to continue. Later, encouraged and guided my research and academic career. I am proud to have been one of her "babies".
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