Thursday, September 6, 2012

If you think it's time to leave the car for a trip to the school greener, be warned - it could become addictive

Name: Richard Groucher

school: Bristol Brunel Academy

teaches science and ICT

journey to school: 15 miles one way

bike, but really I've always started my career as a laboratory technician in London and used bike to work to save money, so when I became a teacher who was just kind seconds to continue cycling.

When I started teaching there were bike is, no showers and people saw as unprofessional for you to get on a bike. Now, my school has a special room for the staff and the four main branches of the motorcycle so that it is much easier.

tend to fall into the habit of keeping a lot of things at school. It really does not take too many books and I have an iPad instead of a laptop that really helps. I use e-mail or take the kids to put things in the documentation or Google VLE so it makes a big difference.

The biggest problem I have is when I go to other schools, some people may be a bit steep if you're in a suit and tie. I'm not talking about the rise of a bike ride, but just something that shows that you can cause a stir bike - but schools are about 20 years behind in these things

My journey takes about an hour, but I'm lucky -. I can go all the way trails very well

Tip: Give yourself plenty of time. I used to leave half an hour extra in case something goes wrong or mechanical perforation and I have several bikes that are always ready to use. Investigate the program of work bike 2 - is very good

Name: Darren Mead

school: Cramlington Learning Village

science teacher

Journey to School

: 14 miles in each direction

started cycling to school eight years ago as a way to get some exercise. When I'm on the road 14 miles was quite intimidating, but a matter of perception -. It feels so far away now

I have a nice walk to work and is a wonderful way to start the day. I used to go to 6:15 ET go to school at 7, then do a job and then go off and shower.

am very pleased that the school has a new sports center built 10 years ago with excellent showers, sparkling, etc.

must be very organized, I bring you a week of clothes with me and I intend to cycle at least three times a week. Children are always amazed that my closet is full of grains and fruits and other things, I'm still hungry so I have to plan for that too

which tend to have a routine at school and planning in the country, this way I can leave the books at school. Cycling requires good habits is actually very easy to hang a bag of books at the back of the car

Tip: Early summer, when the weather arrives, you will not be able to stop, because it will be a little addicted to it. Cycle with someone else to start, and plan your route - known for its bumps

Name: Sally Howe

School: Herbert Morrison Primary School, London
taught Year 4 (September)

travel to school: About two or three miles in each direction

There is nothing that compares to bike to work and help you be more organized. This means that you do not come home with this "fault bags" books that ends up being thrown in the hallway. Cycling makes you stay in school until the job is done and then you leave .

I love biking the streets and I think it is much less stressful - you get to see the city from a whole new angle - as late forms are much less noisy and polluted. I often change to go to school, but often it seems to do that when I'm late.

Tip: If you start the cycle of the school for the first time, make sure your cycle route and test before the first day back. And always make sure you have your lights and reflective equipment,. It may be later than expected

Name: Phil Wheeler

school: soon a master of the offer, Stevenage

teaches Business, Computing and Economics


school: Varies

started cycling to work for a year as part of a training plan. I was watching the Tour de France 2011 and thought I'd do a charity bike ride to get in shape. I met BHF London to Brighton bike but I wanted night cycle and and in May of this year, I did. I trained for it, go to the gym, but I had to put miles in the legs, so I thought "why not cycle to work?"

I ride with my boss - the deputy - and the owner has given permission for the two to not have to wear fancy clothes in the days to bike in.

When I start to make the substitution I'll try to cycle to school as much as possible, especially if I get a regular supply slot locally.

Tip: If do the job, investigating whether the agency will give you an estimate of wear. I think I was quoted 25p per day soon adds to pay for a new inner tube.

obtained in cycling after seeing all the cyclists at the Beijing Olympics in 2004, when my wife and I decided to get rid of a car, rather than paying two lots of tax and therefore safer and again.

So I started the bike after. It is a mile and a half each way to school, but it's enough to feel your heartbeat.

I like it because it gives me time to clear my head before I go home. But I must admit that it is not very nice when it rains

My greatest difficulty lies in the things they have to do. All books are A4 and if you have two pieces of writing, then you can be 120 pounds at home. I have to make a decision whether to stay at work and not the brand and see my children at home.

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