Monday, September 17, 2012

Jobs In the week of 10, the countdown some teaching positions and research available to scholars early in their careers, and throw some grants funded cases

10 is

PhD in Economics by Swedish University of Agricultural Science

Open the charts this week with an opening for a PhD student at a Swedish institution. The objective of the research is to help green energy demand and consumer choice, and will aim to understand how consumers make purchase decisions. If you are interested in the role, you will also like it interesting, however, completely independent tidbit:. Specializing in the northern city of Umea, was chosen as European Capital of Culture 2014

A is a nine

assistant education policy in the European Union > University of Edinburgh

And on the subject of Europe, the University of Edinburgh is looking to hire a university with a specialization in European Union policy to teach undergraduate and graduate . The message seems to have a wide range of management responsibilities for curriculum development and is also open to PhD students nearing completion of the doctoral degree. Unfortunately, it is only for a year. Acute yet? Get the application before May 28

Imperial College London Career

Research Associate in sensor networks


So many things about this job that sounds like fashion, starting with the fact that the position will be part of the program Digital City Exchange (DCE), which aims to "identify and make available new technical and business opportunities by linking data streams to urban environments. "So cool. But beyond the possibility of falling into this discussion dinner, the successful candidate will also have the opportunity to collaborate across multiple departments, with a community of established researchers.

University of Liverpool is seeking a

Research Associate Postdoctoral

least seven

Here, a "self-motivated and ambitious" holds a doctorate in psychology is invited to work in a collaborative project between the Universities of Liverpool and Lancaster. It examines the factors that impede the realization team, although I'm sure his own team at the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, have to provide case studies.

postdoctoral researcher

to University of Kent is six

If your concerns about university life are isolation, the continuing need for research funding and cash-strapped authority to make cuts in personnel services, while you have nothing to fear from the University of Kent. According to the literature, the School of Social Policy has 101 employees, "RAE was remarkable and strong means of student recruitment that is well funded and creates favorable conditions for the staff." If you like the sound of this, closing date is May 25, so you must be quick.

Five is a LSE With a job description that is specifically designed for early career researchers, LSE Grantham Research Institute invites applications from students with a degree in economics and related disciplines. LSE with third in the 2013 Guardian University Guide, suffice it to say that there is hope that this will contribute to research excellence of the institution, to collaborate on research programs and with partner institutions.

Fourth is

Senior Research Associate in Applied Computer

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