Monday, September 17, 2012

U.S. government subsidies to enable "car of the future" autonomous and California is preparing to follow suit

traffic can never be the same in Nevada, the U.S. state is home to Las Vegas, legalized gambling and huge amounts of desert. In addition to the game, it is now legal to have a car engine - if it matches the specification obtained with standalone models Google

The first car fully licensed - a modification of the Toyota Prius - got special permission on Tuesday, the first of three commissioned by Google, which allows it to be used on the roads State, including the famous Las Vegas Strip.

autonomous vehicles are the "car of the future," said Bruce Breslow, director of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in a statement. The state also plans to eventually allow autonomous vehicles owned by members of the public, the DMV said.

Although there are concerns about the cars - and the possibility of a computer failure lead to physical integrity - there was no substantial evidence in the tests posed no risk. In fact, drive more safely than humans "No honked more often because it is to be safe," said Breslow

Last summer, the governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, took the car for a spin around the city and the state capital calm. But Las Vegas Boulevard, where costumed superheroes are regular crosswalks and glued panels angle to the attention of tourists idealists, was perhaps the most appropriate test for the main purpose of the car.

"They are designed to prevent distracted driving," said Breslow. "When you're on the strip and there is a huge truck with three scantily clad women on the side, the car is just a box. "

Although still need a man to sit in the driver's seat, the car will be able to operate, manage and you navigate using the driverless technology developed by Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun and Google vice.

In case of failure, the human pilot can replace the computer with a touch on the brake pedal or a hand on the wheel.

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tested the car hits the streets, neighborhoods and Carson City along the Las Vegas Strip itself. Nevada passed a law allowing self-driving cars last year, but the law only came into force on 1 March.
Car Google, who have traveled more than 200,000 miles without driver interaction on projects within the company in which they have participated in competitions like the DARPA Urban Challenge. Companies face the challenge of building cars that could obey traffic rules, avoid other cars driven by stunt drivers (human), and avoid obstacles. Thrun team won the day, and won the race to get their cars on the road.

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