Saturday, July 9, 2011

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attack by the undead

"There are all kinds of emergencies that can prepare us. Take a zombie apocalypse, for example. That 's right, I said zombie apocalypse. You can laugh now, but if it happens to you' ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you \ learn 'll even a thing or two about preparing for a real emergency. "

• This shocking story from the former Guardian journalist David Hencke 's blog, which means that the company, the London and Lincolnshire \ has said that' s fire department vehicles will go under on Monday for ? 140m to creditors, unless , a last-minute agreement on much too. A business court hearing on Monday is to consider because, if the company AssetCo should be liquidated or go into administration, but down said the registrar 's hearing yesterday that lawyers and investment bankers working on a potential takeover offer would " tools "unless those payments ot ? 86,000 were approved.
Matt Wrack, general secretary of the Fire Brigade Union says Hencke:

"The London and Lincolnshire fire departments do not own their vehicles and fire-Kit and the crisis because they privatized all of its assets. Both brigades, the Mayor of London and Government have shown remarkable complacency.
The entire operating assets of the two brigades could be withdrawn by creditors in full or partially sold. Neither brigade seems to be a fallback plan at all credible.

"The idea that the social work profession is anti-adoption is ludicrous and insulting to highly skilled workers who work tirelessly ... to ensure successful placements are achieved for children. Many of our most experienced social workers choose to work in adoption teams [because] this is a highly valued specialism and they undertake their work with pride and dedication."

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