Sunday, July 17, 2011

• Record levels of export sales give glimmer of hope to Ireland's battered economy
• Among the major Irish export success stories are baby milk and Subway Sandwiches

After all these months of bad news, time for some good news.

I 'll rush past, the latest grim statistics - the number of unemployed still have retail index down - and get to Ireland \ Entreprise' s annual report, from the straight and shows an economy on the mend.

The agency is responsible for nurturing companies that export and the report shows that sales overseas in the past year are at record levels – up 10% to €14bn (?12.7bn).

Entreprise Ireland 's CEO, Frank Ryan, is effusive about the numbers. "All the focus has been on the real estate sector and we 've about the economy, we have built, forget," he said.

He says it has a strong rebound in the EI sectors, under the food business, life sciences, electronics, machinery, software and consumer retail. So strong is the rebound that the export sector now has all the losses experienced in 2009, won with an increase in exports for 22 consecutive months.


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