Saturday, July 16, 2011

With a fourth child, say the couple into the ranks of the irresponsible, population experts concluded

David and Victoria Beckham may have been happy to welcome their new daughter, Harper Seven, last week, but for a growing group of activists to prevent the birth of her fourth child the couple bad role models and ecologically irresponsible.

As the world 's population is seven billion eventually meet in the coming days, there is an increasing demand for the UK to a public debate about how many children to open people.

Now, the Green MEP Caroline Lucas, has joined other leading environmentalists to call for destruction of what called the TV naturalist Sir David Attenborough 'absurd taboo "in the discussion of family size in Britain.

Lucas said: "We need to have a far greater public debate about population, whether it focuses on improving family planning or reducing global inequality – and looking again at how we address the strain on our natural resources. The absence of an open and honest discussion about this issue means most people don't give much thought to the scale of global population growth in recent years. In 1930, just one or two generations ago, the world's population stood at around two billion. Today it is around seven billion, and by 2050 it is projected to rise by a third to 9 billion.

"We live as if we have three planets instead of one. It is interesting that people in public life, environmental groups and NGOs in general, rather it distract the population to the extent that it 's is a taboo subject has become. The terrible consequences of China 's one-child policy and other draconian measures to have to regulate the reproductive system, for many, made discussion of the topic completely inedible. But as long as an issue remains a taboo subject, where no one talks about it, then there 's very little chance that the solutions we need. "


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