Saturday, July 9, 2011

HEFCE makes 10 million pounds available to University of carbon reduction projects

HEFCE makes 10 million pounds of carbon reduction projects

Universities are invited to apply for loans from a revolving Green Fund, projects that the university 'reducing greenhouse gas emissions permit to apply. ? 10 million be made available from 2011-2013.

Previous successful applicants will receive funding for energy efficiency measures such as insulation and boiler controls and renewable energies.

Agricultural specialists Adam Harper 's University College used their loans to an anaerobic digestion plant for agricultural waste and food waste into electricity and heat to develop again.

University of East Anglia used their RGF loan to help fund the installation of a biomass plant, powered by woodchips from the forests of Norfolk. A UEA spokesperson said "the biomass plant will provide approximately 30% of our heat and electricity demand." The university said it will also sell some of the electricty it produces, and the "income and saving is expected to be in excess of ?1.5 million per annum."

Universities are required to pay back the loans over time, but the expected reductions in energy bills should go a long way towards making this possible. Hefce said that ?4m of the ?10m that is currently available is money that has been repaid, or recycled if you will, by earlier award winners.

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