Monday, July 25, 2011

Only 40 cases have been prosecuted since new offence came into effect in April 2010, Home Office strategy reveals

"There is growing awareness amongst consumers of the harm caused by unethical business practices. But more needs to be done to increase understanding and encourage greater corporate moral and social responsibility within the private sector," the strategy acknowledges.

Home Office Munster until the end of this year reviewing the current legislation on human trafficking, to ensure that it supports the effective prosecution of traffickers. The strategy recognizes that there are some problems caused by the fact that human trafficking is prosecuted for sexual exploitation under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act, while labor-trade comes Act under the 2004 Asylum and Immigration, which causes different requirements of proof has.

"There are a successful prosecution under both, there are some differences, the legal framework is less easily could, as it can be for the prosecutors. In addition, the different levels of proof that it is difficult for the exploitation of to pursue work force, "says the new strategy. Crown Prosecution Service figures show that only 48 people were on trafficking crimes prosecuted in England and Wales.

The Official Guide says a key element in disrupting the market for trading and reducing its profitability is for those who pay for sexual services of women trafficking destination. In particular, called the Policing and Crime Act 2009 to compel a criminal offense subject to the payment for the sexual services of a prostitute, introduced deception, threat or any other form of coercion.

"This means that someone who for the sexual services of a woman (whether they know the women victims of trafficking) can be arrested and prosecuted paid," says the strategy. It notes that in June, only 40 crimes have someone that collected since April 2010 and involved belongs to crawl even cases of curb.

The strategy confirms that as of this month to play a central role in the Salvation Army in the ? 2m-a-year program to assist adult victims of trafficking.


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