Saturday, July 16, 2011

5.5 homes spend more than 10% of their income on fuel bills and will continue to rise, new electricity networks Fund

The figures show a huge increase in UK households in fuel poverty predicted well before the expected rise in prices for gas and electricity, and charities that this winter would be millions more people struggling to see your home warm.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change statistics show 700,000 more UK families fell into fuel poverty in 2009, bringing the total to 5.5 million - one fifth of all households. In Britain, the fuel poverty if the household needs of more than 10% of its income on fuel to make their home at a reasonable heating and hot water and run lights and appliances.

The department acknowledged that another 100,000 families were expected in England alone, in the fuel poverty this year.

The figures come less than a week after British Gas, said its gas prices rise by an average of 18% and electricity bills by 16%. Scottish Power has also increased its gas prices by 19% and electricity by 10%, while the other energy companies are expected to follow this example, the wholesale price of gas debt.

The government has admitted that bills must occur in addition to a major reconstruction of the UK 's pay electricity networks.

Michelle Mitchell, Director of charity Age Britain, said it was amazing that will help for poorer households through the Warm Front grant scheme has been phased out despite "scandalous 'electricity bills. "The promised solutions contained in the [Government 's] Green Deal don' t in effect, come to the end of 2012 - too late for the millions of people struggling to heat their homes in winter," she added .

Luciana Berger shadow of climate change minister said the government had the support for households by scrapping Labour 's Warm Front Scheme, which provided two million households with heating in winter and reduce fuel from payments of up to ? 100: "Ministers must act now warm homes, instead of leaving millions deliver chills. "

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