Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gas extraction company produces colouring book for US children featuring 'Talisman Terry, your friendly Fracosaurus'

Each well is different, depending on how much gas under the ground. Some wells may produce for a short time, while others may produce gas for many years.
The gas that fuels our homes found deep below the surface of the earth by exploration companies such as Talisman Energy USA.
Once the well begins with the production of natural gas, is a gathering system is needed to collect it. Pipes are connected to capture the gas and deliver it to customers.
Over millions of years, produces heat and pressure under the earth 's surface fossil fuels such as natural gas from organic materials.
During the drilling process, you can see a lot of large equipment, including a drilling rig, big trucks and tanks of water.
Geologists study rocks and perform special tests to find the gas deep in the ground.

Leo Hickman


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