Sunday, July 31, 2011

To raise the dependency on fossil fuels makes the price of carbon, after which conversion to gas, which produces fewer emissions

The UK 's greenhouse gas emissions are likely to fall and the cost of carbon dioxide emissions for the industry as a result of Germany \ rise decision to shut down their nuclear power plants, has shown a new analysis.

He said the use of renewables was also likely to increase as a result of the changes.

Emissions will not rise overall across the EU because of Germany's decision, however, as under the EU emissions trading scheme there is an absolute cap on emissions from energy-intensive industry until 2020. But within Europe, countries where generators switch away from coal are likely to see their emissions dip.

The EU's emissions trading scheme imposes a cap on the amount of carbon that can be emitted from heavy industry, including power generation. Under the scheme, companies are awarded a quota of permits, each representing a tonne of carbon dioxide, and if companies wish to emit more they must buy spares from cleaner companies. This is supposed to spur the take-up of clean technologies, and spur greater energy efficiency.

In the case of fossil fuel generators, a higher price on carbon will make it more costly to burn coal, and encourage companies to switch to gas and renewables.


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