Friday, July 29, 2011

"The government 's proposals may be dominated by financial considerations and with that comes great danger to our landscape, historic environment and precious local places that people value," she said.

"This sounds the death knell finally the principle established in the 1940s found that the planning system are used, they should protect what very special to be in the landscape."

The new policy was determined using a "Practitioners Advisory Group", the members of a conservative council, director of housing company Taylor Wimpey, a planning consultant, the main developer is at government level and pulled an officer included the Royal Society for the Protection of birds.

"By sharing more than a thousand pages of national policy, with around 50 written simply and clearly, we again allow people and communities in planning," said Clark.

But the design changes seem likely to produce a popular game, according to conservationists. The National Trust is asking its members to sign a petition urging ministers to reconsider.

The Campaign for Better Transport and Friends of the Earth have also attacked the plans.


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