Monday, March 18, 2013

would be risky to assume that gas prices will be lower in the future, the report of the Grantham Institute

The UK must use natural gas, including "fracking," to help reduce carbon from coal to power in the coming years, a report has suggested.

But it would be safe to assume that gas prices will decrease in the coming years and that the United Kingdom has a large supply of shale gas is extracted through a controversial process of fracking hydraulic study.

and gas-fired power can play an important role in the production of electricity beyond 2030 if equipped with technology to capture and store carbon emissions, according to the report Institute Climate Change and the Environment at the LSE Grantham warned.

Chancellor George Osborne, has caused controversy with movements that marked a new "gas rush", including tax cuts proposed for the exploitation of shale gas, and gas production backup strategy use fossil fuels to produce electricity.

supporters say that shale gas could provide large amounts of gas that could reduce the cost and energy security through domestic production.

But critics fear that the process of fracturing shale rock with high-pressure liquid to release gas from earthquakes and the risk of contamination of water and gas wells that could burn field and affect domestic prices.

There is also concern that the continued use of gas, it will be more difficult and expensive to achieve climate change goals to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

And they said: "In the short term, emissions from the United Kingdom can be reduced by replacing coal with natural gas powered, which emit less than half the carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour coal.

"But in the medium and long term, a strong dependence of gas plants whose emissions tirelessly hinder decarbonisation of the electricity sector in the UK."


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