Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Group stresses the need for a unique program that includes economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability

The High Level Group of the United Nations (HLP) operating in a global development agenda beyond 2015 has reached a turning point with the manufacture of concrete agreements, President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said Wednesday.

In a statement, the group emphasized the need for a single coherent program, integrating economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Regulation of tax havens and illicit financial flows is important to realize these ambitions, he said, welcome news by NGOs.

The third and final round of talks HLP focused on international cooperation between the rich and the poor, who are covered by the Millennium Development eight years, one of the most striking ODM- out.

Speaking after a meeting of the group in the Indonesian resort of Bali, Johnson Sirleaf said that, despite the success of the MDGs, did not give sufficient attention to the poor and marginalized.

"In many ways, the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals have been very successful, but we need to put more emphasis on ... set aside to eradicate extreme poverty, "he said.

This was a recurring theme during the negotiations in Bali, especially during meetings between group members and civil society, who stressed the importance of addressing the needs of the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities, women and children.

After his last substantive meeting, the Panel stated that a post-2015 agenda, including work to develop sustainable development goals, must be "consistent and mutually reinforcing. "

A major concern among legislators is the risk of duplication and wasted effort if the work of the Group of senior experts and UN working group on open AGDR walking parallel paths without meeting. The statement sent a strong message that this should not happen at a time when the challenges are increasingly complex and interconnected.

"We need to strengthen global governance to ensure it is fit for purpose, avoid overlap and duplication of efforts and work together to address cross-cutting issues," she said . "We must ensure that the United Nations system, multilateral and all development actors to effectively support the post-2015 development program, using a range of techniques for the exchange, trade, migration, investment and other means to strengthen societies and protect human rights. "

The Group stressed the need for sustainable consumption and production in a context of increasing pressure on land resources, water, and climate change.

tackle the controversial issue of how to eradicate extreme poverty, while facing multiple challenges to both the economic crisis, the statement calls for proper use, stable and predictable effective resources.

"This will require financial commitments to meet international, regional and national levels, better mobilization of domestic resources, and many other innovative sources of financing - such as private investment, social responsibility, philanthropy from North to South, South-South and triangular cooperation, public-private partnerships, debt swaps, guarantees and market mechanisms. It will be particularly important for the regulation of tax havens and illicit financial flows. "

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