Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Energy and Chairman of climate change, says the government should stop "fingers crossed" on new nuclear reactors

The government has a "plan B" in nuclear energy because of the danger that new reactors will not be built in time to avoid power outages and possible failures, an influential parliamentary committee warned.

The warning follows concerns raised by Alistair Buchanan, the outgoing Director General of the Energy Regulation, Ofgem, the dismantling of many of the aging fleet of the United Kingdom plants could significantly increase the risk of shortages in a few years.

Tim Yeo, chairman of the Committee on Energy and Climate Change selection, said. "The government seems to be crossing their fingers that private companies offer a fleet of new nuclear plants on time and budget ministers to urgently reach an emergency plan in case of the nuclear industry does not provide the new power we need. "

green activists fear that the government will try to fill this gap by encouraging the construction of new gas-fired plants, instead of more renewable energy, which could put climate targets to reach and leave consumers vulnerable to the volatility of the price of imports.


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