Saturday, March 16, 2013

Siumut party, led by Hammond Aleqa to form the coalition government administration rather Kuupik Kleist

The race for resources in the frozen wastes of the Arctic has reduced its first national government, leaving foreign oil and mining companies on the future earthquake. Greenland voters feared that ministers should pay the interest of his country to China and foreign multinationals and ended this week, the government of Prime Minister Kuupik Kleist.

London Mining, who is a former British Foreign Minister, Sir Nicholas Bonsor, on the plateau, was the center of a controversy in the country in the wake of speculation that China could make 2000 workers to build one of the world's largest mining iron ore expressly to serve the steel industry in Beijing.


Edinburgh-based Cairn Energy, which drilled for oil on the southwest coast of Greenland in 2011, also had polarized opinion between those who accepted the possibility of bringing oil to Strike enormous economic wealth and those who worry about spills.

Greenland Siumut The party, led by Aleqa Hammond, winning only 42% of the vote, which allows you to form a coalition government instead of the current ruling party led by Kleist.

The election campaign was dominated by a debate on the activities of foreign investors and concerns of 57,000 people that the future of Greenland could be dictated by the requirements of the new potentially polluting industries such as mining and oil trades traditional Inuit fishing and hunting.

Hammond, 47, who was educated in Canada and grew up with traditional techniques, such as curing skins, said he would take a more critical look at the Chinese mining investment Greenland. He also promised to increase royalties on miners and ensure that spoken by staffing plans with the unions.

"We welcome companies and countries that are interested in investing in Greenland," he said in his first interview since the election. "At the same time, we must be aware of the consequences as a people. Greenland should work with countries that have the same values ??that we have on how human rights should be respected. We have not abandoned our values ??for the benefit of investors. "

Global warming has caused

sea ice thaw has made offshore oil extraction easy and open a huge amount of land that are supposed to be filled with iron ore, copper and earth minerals rare used in mobile phones and tablets.

yet acceptance in Greenland that foreign investment is needed to generate income and enable the country to escape largely autonomous dependency of an annual grant of its former colonial power Denmark.

The company said it "does not want to talk about" the impact of the recent political crisis in their plans, but denied having hired workers from China or elsewhere and said that it would not have had before permission to proceed with its mine Isua, 95 miles (150 km) east of Nuuk, which eventually could produce tons of iron ore 15m


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