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British beaches do not meet minimum standards of water quality and pollution has increased, new figures show

The number of British beaches do not meet minimum standards of water quality and pollution increased after one of the wettest summers ever recorded in 2012.

Marine Conservation (MCS) annual Beach Guide to Good Society found that 42 beaches failed to meet European minimum standards for the quality of bathing water - 17 more than in years past the guide. Recommended only 403 of the 754 bathing beaches tested in 2012, with excellent water quality -. 113 less than last year

months of rain and flooding in many parts of the UK last year washed the pollution of cities, farms and sewage at sea sewage and animals contains bacteria and viruses that cause infections of the ear, nose or throat, and gastroenteritis.

"Swimming in water that is subject to faecal contamination is associated with an increased risk of gastroenteritis," said Paul R Hunter, professor of health protection at Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia and editor of the Journal of Water and Health. "The fecal contamination in water is measured by the presence of

E coli

and enterococci bacteria in the intestines of mammals."

MCS said that the results of bacterial and viral contamination in an "out of sight, out of mind mentality" because swimmers can not see the pollution.

MCS coastal pollution officer

, Rachel Wyatt, said measures should be taken to reduce pollution from farms and settlements. "With the highest standards of bathing water in the summers of 2015 and seem to have wetter, the iconic image of people close to bathing beaches could be in danger.

"There is a simple solution for sewage and animal reach our shores. However, if the water industry, communities and local authorities recognize that there a problem and begin to work together to find answers after this would be a good start. "

MCS bases its conclusions on water samples taken by the environment agencies in the UK and local authorities during the previous summer. Bacterial indicators are tested to show the presence of contamination by sewage and animal waste.

This year, 83 of 124 beaches in the south-east of England was considered excellent. With all the beaches that reach the minimum level, it is the region with the highest percentage of recommended ranges this year.

southwest England has been particularly affected by the rain and floods last year. Having been one of the most successful in the directory of 2012, this year, only 110 of 196 beaches recommended for water quality is excellent. Sixteen beaches, including the East and West Hoe Plymouth, Bude in Cornwall and Devon in Exmouth Summerleaze does not meet the minimum standard -. 14 more than last year
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