Friday, March 29, 2013

PM brings wind coalition war to an end with the appointment of Michael Fallon to replace his Conservative colleague controversial

David Cameron has moved the controversial energy minister, John Hayes, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to 10in not an effort to improve frayed relations between the Prime Minister and his Conservatives.

Michael Fallon, who was recently installed as Minister of Business, will be held for Hayes in a move that should improve damaged relationships coalition within the department. There was a war in progress between the Liberal Democratic Party Secretary Energy, Ed Davey, Hayes and policy on renewable energy, particularly wind farms.

a new permanent secretary noted that the ministry had become dysfunctional, and those in the energy sector said it was increasingly difficult to make sense of government policy, in particular grants, awards and goals.

Fallon is a free market supporter of green energy subsidies, but has the ability to move forward with a number of ministers and is generally regarded as one of the ministers more effective state. He is regularly deployed to act as spokesman for the party in general.

Hayes said about the atmosphere in the Commons tearoom is likely to ensure that Cameron can hear messages from time backbenchers dissatisfied. A group of Conservative MPs on foot feel disenfranchised and increasingly worried that Cameron is not a winner.

relationships and Davey Hayes so bad at one point Davey revealed to The Guardian that he asked the Prime Minister to withdraw the responsibility of green energy Hayes.


Cameron Hayes warning that if he continued in the role that would be likely to appeal any decision about it, because his views were so prejudiced.

Davey requested a legal opinion from the department, which confirmed the presence of increased danger Ministry Hayes decisions on renewable energy is the subject of judicial review.


Davey formal notification to the Prime Minister.

Davey told the Guardian he feared legal even an unsuccessful challenge could be harmful at a time when the government tried to create certainty for investors in energy. Davey wanted to remove Hayes from any liability for renewables.

Hayes kept his ministerial salary will be raised to the Privy Council in two concessions to ease their disappointment. He will be based in the Cabinet.

Fallon has a history of supporting green energy in hard economic times lower. He made a private member's bill green energy in 2008 that would have allowed councils to set targets for new homes.

not likely to have doubts about Hayes is paid a salary by corporate taxpayers to make what is clearly a work of political party.

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