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Haredi Jews confront other residents of Stamford Hill, London, in a battle for control of human planning

A row

fire involving the UK's largest community of ultra-Orthodox Jews have been driven by a government campaign to delegate planning laws. Ultra-Orthodox Jews are in conflict with other residents of Stamford Hill, London, in a battle for control of the planning rights spilled over allegations of anti-Semitism and "social cleansing".

Stamford Hill Neighbourhood Forum, whose leadership includes ultra-Orthodox Jews and members of the non-Jewish community, offer great powers to approve extensions to build lofts and home gardens rapidly growing population using the rule of "Big Society" policy to cede control of the local community planning. Dozens of large surfaces to provide space for families and religious schools were built on rooftops and gardens which are banned under the current regulations of local planning.

The haredim seized pious conservative localism initiative to try to accommodate a population is said to double in the next two decades. Meanwhile, a rival group of residents, led by researchers and lay members, launched a parallel supply on the same streets "to prevent any group to impose its will." Rabbi Abraham Pinter, a community leader who wants peace negotiations, said the dispute seems to be between "us and yuppies."

More than 330 local areas across England are in the process of implementing similar powers to allow development without the need for planning applications to the Board. The dispute in Stamford Hill is presented as inhabitants of rural Upper Eden in Cumbria this week became the first group to hold a referendum on the issue, voting overwhelmingly to adopt a neighborhood plan.

The pursuit of human self-responsible for planning policy to reflect national standards and be in "general conformity" with local strategic plans, but the communities secretary Eric Pickles has made it clear that wants "democracy bureaucracy and less direct."

in Stamford Hill, home to about 20,000 Orthodox Jews, attempts to bring together rival factions have so far failed. Community leaders have warned that relations are "too hot" for the neighborhood planning system again to do more to bring simmering tensions to the surface.

Hackney Planning Watch, which opposes Forum Stamford Hill district issued a warning leaflet "Act now! Its headquarters is in danger! "Asks" Do you want your neighbor to extend your home to cover your entire backyard wake up and find a school moved next "

in Stamford Hill district brochure Watch Forum Planning Hackney accused of double standards, showing a loft extension built onto the street, where some of their leaders live. He asked: "Is there a rule for them and one rule for ethnic communities?"

"The community is growing with at least 1,000 babies each year, which means that most will grow with the problem of prison overcrowding, has a psychological impact and people have nowhere to put things or even their bed, "said Benzion Papier, 27, Conservative councilor and member of the District Forum Stamford Hill neighborhood. "It's [Hackney] Mayor, Jules Pipe, who is responsible for social cleansing. Southern not need [the location of the town hall] to decide, in the north. This is the idea of ??localism. "

Pipe board must approve any planning forum, has strongly denied the accusation, saying it was "unacceptable jump to claim the planning system does not allow people to build that we want is to get people out. "

"It's a place like Stamford Hill too hot for such a process?" Asked Chaya Spitz, managing director of Interlink, a charity Orthodox Jewish volunteer. "From the point of view of the community planning that opened old wounds., we see how difficult it is to obtain when the case was put in the hands of the community. "

Jane Holgate, leader of Hackney Planning Watch, told a counselor called his "anti-Semitic" because she spoke the proposed neighborhood forum.

"When people see that it is dominated by a particular group, whether Conservative or haredi community members, will not be considered representative of the entire community," said. "functions such as planning must remain with the council, not an unelected body and not as a neighborhood forum."
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