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Installing solar panels not only save money, but it can allow students to make a real difference in schools and beyond

mounting solar panels will not only make the earth a favor, but also save your school a bundle of money. The impact of the use of the sun's energy to help the school, however, goes far beyond economic benefits.

As schools across the country have discovered, becoming champion of Solar kick started a wave of other environmental initiatives, subjects reported throughout the curriculum for students and teachers to take responsibility for determining the kind of world they want to live when they grow up.

The Guardian Teacher Network talked to three schools in which solar energy has had a transformative effect.

EP Collier Primary School Reading

Charlotte Assistant Professor Syme helped defend ecological issues and said that the solar panels that were installed last year with the help of solar Schools Project, is are regenerated enthusiasm of students:

now have an eco-committee composed of two representatives from each class. I ran like turning off lights, save energy and ensure that teachers transform their laptops when they are out to lunch. All these things have contributed not only to the conservation of energy in the actual classroom, but also in the general consciousness. Then take it home, pester their parents about it and in general are more green community. It was a brilliant success.

also saved more than one tonne of carbon. We keep track with a sign that we installed in the hallway so that every time children spend in front, you can see all the numbers. Children are updated all the time. We had a meeting to explain what all the numbers so that they can access and understand.

not only more aware of their impact on the environment, but also worry more. This is a challenge for them. It became a real buzz about the place and how they can do it and make it even better. His sudden everything started. Energy and the lights are the big thing that is easily accessible, but also contributed to the campaign to keep the paper towels. It is only allowed a paper towel now. They realized the whole issue of sustainability, go ahead and what their world will be as if no care.

last year when we had the panels were installed energy track in school. School treasurer graphics printing our energy consumption in three months and analyzed for comparison. They were so excited when the end of those three months, he had the graphics a bit down because they used less energy than the previous month. There was much discussion in December because we had Christmas lights everywhere and returned again. It was nice because we were able to show the consequences of the use of different appliances and must be kept.

Cambridge Newnham Croft Primary
Master Jo Turner said that since the installation of solar panels on the Solar Schools project in February 2012, gave the school a boost in all aspects of his work on eco-lessons

Sustainability is part of all classes and is covered by each subject. Some classes have even used solar panels to inform mathematics classes. Data were exported to Excel spreadsheets and built several tables and graphs, including the amount of energy produced compared to the production and consumption per month during a day. We also have a student eco-group that discusses the use of energy within the school and the data are often perceived by the group members.

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