Saturday, October 15, 2011

three main unions called the strike to be coordinated in an attempt to maximize the pressure on the coalition of the pension reform

The government faces the threat of further outbreaks of collective action and the general strike in 1926 after unions representing millions of public sector workers reporting pension reform newsletters.

The largest country in three unions - Unison, GMB and Unite - announced his decision at the TUC conference Wednesday, calling for the strike must be coordinated in order to maximize the pressure on the government .

there are plans for a mass strike day followed by a tactical action stronger and more "intelligent" strikes, which will focus on specific services and could have an immediate impact and without on vulnerable groups.

National Mass unemployment can be timed to coincide with the declaration of George Osborne pre-budget report to parliament on November 29.

organizations warn that the strike would continue rolling until next summer, suggesting that the Queen's Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics could be targeted.

Brian Strutton

, GMB national secretary for public services, said after the debate. "We are talking about throwing everything we can, rolling in the summer

"We're not just trying to get it. We assume that this will be a great piece of conflict run together for a long time."

Downing Street said the vote ads have been "disappointing" and added that the industrial action in the current financial climate would be "irresponsible."

official spokesman David Cameron said. "Our view is that the best way forward is to continue with the negotiations, and have always been very clear that we must try to maintain a constructive dialogue with trade unions

"Obviously, it is disappointing that there have been calls for industrial action, especially as discussions are still ongoing.

"On pensions, which were very clear about the need for reform, but we also point out that even after these reforms come through the public sector pensions remain one the best available. "


Union Cameron sitting in the audience as the unions described the pension reform as an "unprecedented attack on ordinary people."

The group of public sector members of the Unison, Unite and GMB is 1.65 million. With other unions in the voting process, coordinated action could involve at least 2 million public sector workers staged the largest strike since 1926.

The movement is in the hands of unions affiliated to a confrontation with the party leader, Ed Miliband, who said the TUC delegates on Tuesday that the strike of public sector pensions was "a mistake" .

prison guards Association said he was ready to challenge the ban on strikes, which covers the service "if no agreement is under negotiation."

firefighters' union "has also said it was the first step towards collective action, while other unions used the conference platform to state their willingness to join unions sister in mass strike.

NASUWT teachers union is one of the other unions prepare to ballot nearly 250,000 members.

Patrick Roach, Deputy Secretary-General said. "The attack on pensions is only part of the assault on the people working in the public sector and the welfare state

Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, the country's largest public sector union, began the session of the conference on Wednesday with a formal notice of industrial action ballots for 9000 employers .
said striking was the "last thing", the members wanted to do, but it was now time to take a stand against the government's attempts to get their "pound of flesh" of workers, trying Pension made "benefits far worse."

"We have been patient, we have cooperated - but there comes a time when enough is enough, because if not, will be back for more," he said.

"This is a decision not taken lightly and the stakes are higher than ever -."


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