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gardeners is to help urban residents to embrace the garden

Diane McDonnell companions in the garden of his neighbor and tentatively offered the opinion of a Londoner who has recently ventured life in small growing for the first time. "I think it beet, Barbara," he speculates.


"No, chard," chips in Vicky Cunningham.

And she should know.

It is the master gardener here at the Peabody Estate EC1 -. One of the 225 or so reported by gardeners organic garden across the country to help beginners find that growing your own is good for you

Good for the exercise of their food, their food bills and to promote community spirit.

"There was a time when we used to see the neighbor's window and he never said as much as 'hello'," said McDonnell. "Now, waves and stops to chat when we meet. Vicky organizes barbecues, where we will all be together and she is always there to offer advice. "

McDonnell has lived in the property for 31 years, her neighbor, Barbara Moore is a recent newcomer to the Old Kent Road. Both are women aged 50 who have discovered the joy of seeing the first flowers on tomato plants. "I suffered from depression," says Moore. "But I grew up eating that made me feel better about myself."

Indeed, his enthusiasm, as she rushes into the radishes McDonnell dig just, please, that Philip was Turvil here to see. Turvil, 27, project manager for master gardeners, is based miles, plus or minus 90 on the road in rural Warwickshire, which is based organic garden. "The plan began shortly after receiving a grant from the National Lottery in 2009," he explains. "So far, we work with over 830 homes nationwide and more than 2,000 people inside. One-third of them under 16."

A Norfolk, in fact, master gardener coordinator Beverley page works closely with schools. Its equivalent in Lincolnshire, Rick Aron, has other priorities because the plan is financed in part by the National Health Service. "Some staff were visiting NHS Norfolk, saw the good work happening in schools and I realized that this would have great potential benefits for health," he said. "Six community gardens were established in Boston , one of them dug a municipal tennis court. "

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