Sunday, January 6, 2013

Alex Renton

imagine that two families - one rich and the other hard-up - could eat in the future

Predict what will eat in Britain in 2035 is reduced to the sad thing is the future. Is that the stagnation of growth have pushed down the list of rich countries to date we can not import food more? Or new sources of energy and acceptance of biotech foods means that 3-D printers pumped food burgers and sushi nutritionally enriched in all our houses? Climate change means land in Britain to devote to crops, and not in the flesh, to keep us fed 70 million?



more food as much as we can in the yard. The cost of food used almost half of household income, compared to only 12% of our grandparents, while we take very little.

Brown bread

The Ministry of Food has decreed that refined flour lost too many vitamins and minerals, and has banned white bread (as Britain did in the Second World War). Price of wheat flour rose with the collapse of the arable land in India, southern Russia and the United States, Britain, and it is not serious.

meat Lab

father does not eat "Frankensteaks" - he would rather have a lobster egg-culture - but the rest of the family eats "the seaweed farm" bioreactor grown meat (we did love it things in proteins recovered from wastewater).


potatoes every day of the week until the dough is made from flour, potatoes. The potato is the staple carbohydrate, although experts are concerned about our growing dependence on it - the only pope dependence led to the Irish potato famine that killed a million people. GM made a blight that has resisted, but still emerging diseases and survive any old varieties.


The richest part of the world - South Asia - eat all the rice they produce, so importing is expensive and attempts to grow rice in wetlands have new Thames Estuary borne fruit. Rice we buy is made of reconstituted potato or barley. By law, all brands contain nano-capsules of vitamins and nutrients.

cheese and butter


Few in Britain, with the exception of dairy products. Cows are an effective way to convert plant material in animal fat, as long as there is not enough water. Our city street has its own small herd of cows genetically modified in collaboration managed on the grass made striking gardens. As our medieval ancestors, now receives most of our fats, and proteins necessary for milk, cheese and butter.


carnivorous fish are a rare treat. Even the most advanced transgenic salmon farms still have to consume three grams of fish to produce another one of their own. Thus, the consumption of fish vegetarian, grown in the solar heating is AquaFarm - developed from tropical species such as tilapia and catfish, and modified with genes from lemon, tomato or grass cover basic taste muddy. By law, all omega-3 have added to their diet.


real tea and coffee are Christmas treats. But synthetic fragrances are so compelling today - ads say they use chemicals that were in actual grains and leaves

The wealthy family

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