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A unique project encourages students to make films about the creation of a sustainable world for their own children

Aa> Youth from across Europe working with broadcasters to create movies on improving their environment.

What are the things you can do to make a big change? How can all do something to make them more sustainable world? Simple. Each must do some. This is the idea of ??Power Bits.


energy involves 13 partners from nine countries in Europe and beyond, and is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe program. His ambition is to achieve behavioral changes and promote innovative practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy use in the daily lives of young people.

is a project that goes beyond the standard methods of communication, instead of using platforms mixed distribution, such as television programs on national television and satellite channels dedicated niches as platforms and games.

Power Bits

for youth, encouraging them to create their own content to reinforce messages sustainable energy - and the really exciting part for them is that this content will be shown across Europe through these channels broadcast nationally and on the web.

The project has already produced 24 documentaries, an interactive web documentary and a game three of the documentary, made in the UK with the students of the school, appearing on the science channel own guardian Newton.

The first of these films, games recycled (see here), follows a group of students as they discover for themselves if the 2012 London Olympic Stadium was as green as everyone claims . They also learn from games how to make your own life more sustainable, even creating their own recycled product added to the Olympic Park.

top of this, the young people in schools across Europe now have the opportunity to share their views and ideas on the future of the planet in another part of the project "your voice ".

It does what it says on the tin. It allows young people to express their views in a video international competition for secondary schools. It aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge about energy saving, renewable and sustainable issues among young Europeans, mainly through his own filmmaking skills.

A young student of 18 years old are invited to send their e-bits ideas on a more sustainable future, create and upload a short video message - no more than three minutes - explaining what must be manufactured from your point of view.

topics that can be considered as renewable energy, energy efficiency in end-use, sustainable transport, recycling and / or reuse. The contest is open to all nine European countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Spain. However, any student anywhere in the world can upload his / her video and enter the contest. All videos will be posted on YouTube Bits channel power.

The competition has three categories of awards:

. Best original idea

. The best scientific description and content

. successful public


the winner of each category will be broadcast on all television and European companies involved in the project. The winners will be invited to Brussels for a special tour to visit the European Commission and meet all project partners.

students and young people can upload your video independently or work with schools and teachers. There are tips on the website of Energy Bits video on how to make a good video, and if someone needs more help they can benefit from the experience of the media and scientific partners in Power Bits consortium. These people are all available through platforms energy Bits / blog, to support students in their video production.

Before starting his own production, you can take a look at this little energy documentary filmed in Europe in terms of different energy. Some of them are funny, others a little more serious, and some are totally crazy!

If you want to learn the issues related to energy consumption can play Energy2020 serious game. There will be different situations related to energy, with the possibility to save the world ... Will they be able to repair all damage caused by adults?

Thus, the energy Bits is an opportunity for all young people to improve their knowledge of energy issues and sustainable development. But more than that, it is an opportunity for the adult community across Europe to listen and take suggestions from young people to achieve the improvement of the environment in everyday life.

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